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Scroll indicator on Tower of Doom floor map


Every guild who takes ToD a bit serious maps the tower and use an external tool to log the scrolls from each room per floor. I find it very unconvinient to switch back and forth between the game and our map, which is a google spreadsheet.
The scroll info could be shown on the floor map, a tiny icon beside the room icon would be enough. Any time a room is defeated by a guild member this icon would show which scroll can be obtained from the room. Scouting still would be necessary but it would be much easier to share the information, cause it would be automatic.



Would love something in game, but doubt it will happen. I think the intention is to remove the older events like Tower of Doom in favor of the world event. Devs have also stated in a stream that people don’t like guild events. I think they are nuts, I love it, but alas.

In case you’re looking for alternatives for right now, I suggest Taran’s World. They have their own shorthand which you can copy/paste into guild chat or discord. There’s also the gary bot for discord which maps ToD.

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If they want to complete the set 5 more ToD event should show up and that is more than a year.
I really hope ToD will remain and will restored to it’s original glory. Best event in the game!

We are happy with the spreadsheet, but ty. Half of my guild don’t use discord, so the bot isn’t much help.


I agree it is the best! Would love to see more co op type events.

This has been suggested before and remains a great suggestion. I really wish they would both implement this request and make the Tower of Doom event happen more frequently like it used to. ToD and GW are basically the only guild events that are interesting and enjoyable to me and most of my guild.

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The ToD event was designed as it is to encourage guild communication. You have to work with your guild mates, you have to communicate which scrolls were found, you (ideally) are not doing the same floor as another member at the same time to avoid using multiple sigils for exploring the same room. It takes some discipline to do it effectively.
If they just showed what scroll is in what room, then all that goes away - you no longer have to talk to anyone or use a spreadsheet/map/whatever because the game handles the communication for you.

I think Snooj is right, ToD is unlikely to get any feature changes at this time, it’s a legacy event that devs keep around to mix things up a bit, but probably won’t touch again except for bug fixes that really need doing. And either way, I think this request goes against what they hoped ToD would accomplish.


With the dead in-game chat this feature is more necessary than ever before.
So I bump up this topic!