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Tower of Doom every 11 weeks

According to the 5.0 update, Tower of Doom will be every 11 weeks. This means we will see color specific Forge Scroll’s once every 66 weeks (1 year, 3 months now between color rotations).

The doomed weapons (Skull converters) are some of the best weapons in the game (add to that the meta defense’s now that included the Doomed Books) making it priority now to max them out.

The math here is insane. Loosely speaking, you get 25 scrolls from Tower of Doom. The cost of maxing a weapon is 55 doomed scrolls. In order to Max a weapon a player needs to complete floor 25 (which is feasible) and buy Tier VII at least twice in order to max it.

If I wanted to max out previous weapons (Book, Blade, etc) I’d need to speed 1,000’s of gems now to do so… knowing these color scrolls will not be around for another 66 weeks.

Please tell me the devs have thought this through and there will be another way to obtain them (maybe craftable?) Because the doomed weapons are very popular among players, and this will upset a LOT of people.

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Personally, and I have bought thought up elsewhere, think that the solution is for the scrolls to be either craftable or to be included in rewards from the campaign


I fully agree. Forge Scrolls is one of the few resources I still need at this point in the game.
And one more thing - if scrolls will not be obtainable in some other way it will be a strong barrier for new players, who even if they get doomed weapons from Soulforge will not be able to update them for more than a year!


Yeah making them even scarcer sounds like a very bad plan. Please adjust this accordingly.

Tbh all the new world events suck anyway, I’m ok with 2-3 tod per month.


Anyone remember Kafka’s (or Salty?) reply when asked about this during yesterday’s stream?

I concur with @Seraphim! This is simply an insane situation and has to be addressed a.s.a.p.

The answer about it that we’ve heard in the very end of the 5.0 update preview stating that (to paraphrase): " Kafka said something about it some time ago but we don’t have any additional information about it" is simply not enough.

Devs must find a reasonable way for us to be able to catch up to those players who have those weapons already upgraded as it creates an imbalance in matches.


I didn’t catch it. Did anyone else hear a response to this?

It’s on the very end (within the last 4-5 mins or so) of the preview. Just one sentence, and the subject was immediately changed.

I found how to capture Twitch VOD chat logs. This is what Kafka said:

[01:05:49.000] clfpmom: Any new ways to get forge scrolls ?
[01:06:39.000] Kafka_GoW: @clfpmom I’ve spoken to the team about more ways to get forge scrolls but I don’t have details right now - we’re not forgetting them :slight_smile:

[01:17:17.000] shellm22: How will we upgrade our doomed weapons???
[01:17:35.000] Kafka_GoW: @shellm22 don’t worry we’re not forgetting your forge scrolls


Thank you! It’s a good news, then. Hopefully…

I’m guessing a mix of adventure board, campaign rewards, and flash offers.

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The cynic in me thinks they will be included in the bonus Elite+ rewards, then moved elsewhere after the inevitable firestorm.

My bet would be a new crafting recipe, something like 3 Imperial Deeds + 1000 jewels + 100 diamonds to create 1 Forge Scroll of the corresponding color. :see_no_evil:


I’ve only upgraded a few doomed weapons tbh and some of those I kinda regret doing cos of the whole “create a gem” fiasco. So I have loads of scrolls stashed; but every 11 weeks??? That implies to me there is some heavy duty new content on the way. And I doubt many of us really want that…we’ve still got Geoff’s carrot, pet shortfall, a ridiculous faction philosophy and so on. Plus of course the imperial deeds. Players are forcing the issue to a ridiculous extent by exorbitant playtime invested. They have to slow us and the all day players are compromising what was once an enjoyable game for all of us. If I was a new guy to the game I might spend a few quid here or there but then I would soon realise the futility. Where did it all go wrong?? Remember that there is no such thing as end game in these genres. We reap what we sow.


“Please tell me the devs thought this through…”

I have bad news about most of their updates.
It’s fine, I’m sure they’ll start adding “5 forge scrolls for 500 gems!!!” show up in flash offers as the big brain solution

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As a beta tester, and prob 1 of the longest playing members in the game, Im gonna straight up tell you, you have no idea what you are talking about.

We didnt test ToD, we tested the new campaign. Yes we bought up scrolls being rare and needed a lot more of, and as Kafka said, they are looking at that already.

Just because you personally feel slighted by an update and dislike it, doesnt mean that those that tested other parts of the game, and so far out of all the complaints, I think there is 1 thing that has been mentioned that we didnt think of or mention already in that exact form.

If you think the beta testers do such a bad job, apply to be 1 and do it yourself. If thats too hard for you, then perhaps stop talking about a subject you obviously have no clue about.


I absolutely am not criticising the current or future beta testers. Respect to them for making the effort. What I am criticising is a company that limits what the beta are allowed to test knowing full well that the feedback won’t be necessarily supportive. And when that is the case the devs just ignore the testers. Apply? Never.

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Could you be more civil with other people? Or you have the immunity in this forum?

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In addition to the scrolls…what about the doom cards themselves? We need so many copies of each to level the cards to mythic for kingdom power - is there any plan or intention to change drop rates on these or make them available through a secondary source? Or is the answer going to be to either wait for the dooms or use previous ascension orbs?

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My guess is that your post zuul ascension orbs will upgrade doom troops. The new incoming “zuul” is unlikely to be crafted using the same currency.