Tower of Doom.Ask the developers

The tower of Doom begins on Monday. She completes cycle 6 of the disaster weapon. What’s next ? The strategy for buying scrolls depends on the answer to this question. Will this event also take place (once every 11 weeks) or will the developers remember their promises to hold it more often from Friday to Sunday?

I don’t remember the devs ever promising ToD would happen more often, just player requests that it be more frequent.

I believe what they said was they’d look into ways for people to get Doomed scrolls, which is what the latest Soul Forge update accomplished by being able to craft them with other resources. There’s nothing scheduling-wise on Taran’s or announced that would lead anyone to believe the 11 week ToD schedule is going to change as the next Campaigns are already planned out. Gems are much more easily available than Cursed Runes/writs at this point, so you’re probably better off buying Tiers in the ToD Event Shop to get additional Dark Scrolls.


Cursed runes can at least be farmed so it’s the writs requirement that renders this recipe basically useless. Alas I think devs will now classify this one as “mission accomplished”


Appears the devs have “answered”. New doomed weapons have been spoiled on Taransworld. Looks like the next weekly Tower of Doom after next week is scheduled for March 21, 2022. It will be a green.

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Totally agree with you.
I collect runes for scrolls and then I realize I can’t forge enough due to writ limitation.
I wish they require much less writs, 100 is too much.


Agree as well. Cursing the day I created imperial deeds from writs

I guarantee you if you spend all your writs on forge scrolls there will be a day in the future where you will curse the day you wasted them and wish you had them back.

Crafting imperial deeds/books are the best use for writs.