Forge scrolls should drop above level 25

It is not to late to make it happen!
Please add forge scrolls in the rewards above floor 25 in the Tower of Doom event.
Since ToD is so rare, this would be a big help to get those forge scrolls.
Those who are already above floor 25 could get their forge scrolls in email during the week.

I know it is late but it just crossed my mind during lunch.
@Kafka @OminousGMan @Jeto please present this to the right people.
Thank You


Well, they were supposed to figure out another solution to this, seeing as ToDs are now only between campaigns. Don’t know how far along they are on that, but they should have already added them to SoulForge even as a temp solution.

Honestly, at this point, they have shown their contempt for their customers enough that I don’t think any reasonable solution will materialize anytime soon.


They could extend the scroll reward max to floor 30 or 35 or 40

They could do it starting with the next ToD

Or they could increase the number of scrolls received from shop tiers

Or let us forge a scroll for 100 mythic ingots, 1000 jewels of the color, and 100k souls

Or combinations of the above


A guildmate bought 46 tier-7s this event to get his blue Doomed weapons upgraded fully. He may not like this idea, after spending all those gems. If anything is done with prior announcement, it’d be good.

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That’s like 24k gems. That’s insanity


…and this is why forge scrolls won’t ever be obtained in any other way besides spending gems/real money during ToD week :laughing:


This could be introduced from next ToD, btw I don’t think anybody else spent such an insane amount of gems on forge scrolls

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Reducing tier 7 to cost only 200 gems after the next ToD would be a good start and a nice gesture from the devs. This would bring ToD events in line with delve events in relation to tier 7 cost.


I’m the aforementioned 46 T7 player. While it would be less than ideal for me, having spent all those gems, I believe a change would be good for the wider population and I wholeheartedly support it.

99% of the player base won’t be able to max that many weapons and are stuck in a situation where they could potentially spend years to get just 1 done.

Maybe let us get 1 scroll for every 5 floors past 25 or something to make it worthwhile to use sigils. As it stands the guild rewards are not worth the time invested after all 12 stages are closed.

I have no intention of playing my 879 sigils since my guild closed all stages yesterday.

Alternatively, reducing the ridiculous 500 gem cost would be nice.


There’s another way to “solve” this: Either cycle back to the old weapons in future Towers of Doom the way we cycle to previously-released Siegebreakers and Godslayers in those weekend events these days. Or create a new class of troop that does bonus damage to Dooms and introduce them in lieu of new Doom weapons – you’d purchase tiers that included that troop instead of the new weapon being part of the Tier 4 purchase or available in the Soulforge.


You are the best sort of person, in one pokemon’s humble opinion :heart:


Please adress the lack of forge scrolls issue. The new soulforge options are none for new or returning players because they compete with leveling kingdoms.
Besides the tower event seems to return once in a blue moon. Waiting for the right colour for months isn’t very funny.


Yes, I was disappointed that they included writs instead of mythic ingots in the scroll recipe

Mythic ingots upgrade weapons; forge scrolls upgrade weapons