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Forge Scrolls end at floor 25?

Here I was, a newer player, thinking I was about to FINALLY upgrade 2 Doom weapons and hopefully the new one too, only to find there are only 25 available forge scrolls from defeating dooms?

My search-fu revealed no news on how/when/where forge scrolls will become available elsewhere, even though it was stated during the 5.0 release stream that there were ideas or plans or something to that effect already in the works to address this issue.

What gives? When can we expect to find out about this crucial (in my opinion) issue?

This is how it’s always been. If you want more, buy them in the shop. Unfortunately, Doomed events are much more rare now. Before they were once a month – now it’s more than that, which makes forge scrolls even more difficult to get.


Not a dev, obviously, but I think at this point, devs are aware of this and might even have a plan on how to get more forge scrolls out, but they likely won’t announce anything until just prior to it being implemented. So if the next update or a later one adds forge scrolls somewhere, we might find out about it in the update preview or patch notes, unlikely sooner. They’re just really not into announcing plans these days, because if the plans change, it tends to go down poorly with the community.

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Being that I’ve only been playing for 4 months and do not know the history of major vs minor updates or fixes or what have you, would you say this type of issue wouldn’t have a chance of being resolved (it’s been over 11 weeks already) until the next patch or update?

Nothing has been mentioned publicly outside of the devs are aware phase.

0% chance anything is resolved until the next update. Its too early to tell what rewards are associated with the next update. Its probably a safe bet not to expect scrolls to be resolved in the next update, but there’s no way to know.

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From previous experience, yes. I mean, it’s always possible (technically doable), but from previous experience, a new way to obtain an existing item usually comes with a game update. For example, if they made them available through crafting, I’d expect that with a game update. They could be rewards in a new event mode, also game update. Though, they could always surprise us and have them included as rewards in the next campaign, which starts Monday.

But generally, anything outside of minor tweaks comes with a game update. And often, when something gets on their radar, it’s usually a couple updates before it’s actually implemented. Until it’s officially announced, don’t assume anything is guaranteed.

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Thank you all for your answers. I appreciate it. I’m not happy about it, but I do appreciate it! :wink:


Not knowing a lot of details (like GW scoring, whether to spend on OoA early on, etc) has been the best part of playing this game. However with a lot of grinding data and apparent consistency, the community of players were able to put some numbers on these details - these were pretty approximate if not accurate.

With a couple of inconsistencies recently, the frustration got real bad real quick. But the devs are responding which is great.

Long Story short. Being in an active guild alliance is the only way to know these things. Happy gemming @GrimJack

I have an idea! There should be a mini doom event every week, just like the pet rescue where you could get forge scrolls. A couple of forge scrolls every week would be nice since doom events are so rare now.

Something like that’d work. Anything is better than the current set up. :smiley:

At this point it would even be a decent “fix” to allow forge scrolls to drop from every floor.

Anyone willing to grind 55+ floors of the Tower deserves to fully upgrade their weapon, I think.

Or if that’s too generous, make it a 50 (or even 10!)% drop after floor 25. You’d still need a Tier VII purchase (at least) at that point to reliably get what you “need.”

EDIT: Also let it be known, the quotation marks around “fix” is because I’d be aware the time gate would still be really severe, and that there should be something else added in addition to the suggestion to make it a real solution. A reasonable crafting recipe, say, or drops in maps, arena, epic tasks, something…