New Idea: Doom Gnome drops Doom Scrolls

How about having a new Gnome that drops Doom Scrolls similar to dropping verses. This will solve the lack of Doom Scrolls and the lack of having Doom events.


I’m 1,000% with this!

We have an issue with the lack of Forge Scrolls for newer players. That’s a fact.
However, creating a new gnome and assigning Forge Scrolls to him - it’s a bad idea.
With such a gnome in some time (and with Gnome-a-Palooza - in a very short time) you will gather all missing Forge Scrolls. Nobody needs an infinite number of Forge Scrolls, it’s a limited number to fully upgrade all Doomed weapons, and that number isn’t that big and increasing very slowly. And after that, we just have a useless gnome with useless rewards which reduces chances for Pet Gnome, for band gnomes, etc. Oh, and from devs standpoint, such gnome will simply kill Shop in ToD event.
New players need a way to get Forge scrolls, but the new gnome isn’t a good solution for that.


I thought the same, but Mecha Gnome, so :man_shrugging:

Basically the exact same precedent — gives some players what they want(ed), eventually dilutes the pool for everyone.

And for other resources the same is basically true — soul gnomes; traitstone drops from normal gnomes; ”unneeded” chaos shards, jewels, etc…

So in the end I’d sign onto this idea, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a Writ gnome or a Token gnome, either — both of those are also “finite needs,” but it seems to me they’re the tallest mountains to climb — every pebble helps.

I’d prefer them to be forgeable. Maybe using the relevant colour gems, say 25 gems per scroll or something

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Many, many months ago they said they were aware of the forge scroll problem and planning new ways to obtain them. Hopefully that’s still on the horizon. This would be one way to do it, although I’d prefer just soulforge or a new tier of kingdom challenges.

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A treasure hunt rework would be a great way to provide forge scrolls (and maybe writs).


If we’re going along the lines of getting scrolls trough gnomes, then adding to cedric’s drop table in the vault may be more balanced.

I however think there are a plethora of other ways for us to attain them outside of the doomed event. The dev team just needs to get creative and or care.

Well you could have a single gnome that has all the forge scrolls, writs etc in its drop table that only turns up during vault events but cannot show up in a gnome a palooza and have a near 0% chance to appear at all in the first place. It wouldn’t unbalance things and would allow hard to acquire resources to trickle in with little work required on the dev side (presumably).