Replace Daemon Gnome with Cursed Gnome in EVK battles

I don’t even know what your initial thoughts were to put a Daemon Gnome in the battle instead of a regular Treasure Gnome. Surely not the 20% bonus loot if played on hard, the most economy-destructive loot we’d get are 4 more gems or 2000 gold.

But that’s not the point here, basically no one needs 40 chaos shards or how much the Daemon Gnome would drop. The name already suggests epic loot from playing an epic vault battle.

Some players may have 100s of EVK’s saved, but it won’t ruin the economy. Though it would give us a reason to play them instead of amassing even more.

After crunching some numbers, we need a lot of cursed runes after the 6.1 update.

330 to upgrade the forge itself
300 to obtain all new weapons
3300 for forge scrolls (only for the new weapons)
100 for the new mythic troop
310 for the pet to mythic
4340 runes total

PS: Would it be too much to ask about using the same formulae for vault-specific troops as you use for guild guardians? As in not rewarding them as loot after we got 4 troops at mythic rarity.
We don’t need more Cedric’s. :wink:


I’d also say that the 2 minor traitstone drop in the Vault or when a gnome is killed, is probably better replaced in modern times with 2 writs or similar.


Our guild fully supports this proposal.

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I don’t need chaos shards, but lots of players do need them. However, I do think this is a good idea and hope it will be implemented. I’ll save my evk until then.

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But there are other ways to farm Chaos Shards. Even independent of Gnomes.

On the other hand, the only way to get Cursed Runes is the one specific gnome.


I support and agree with my fellow guild mate! IxAMxST0RM

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Great idea . Hopefully devs will listen . DA all day ! :grin:

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Great idea

It would be great idea to replace the gnomes. I have 100k of the chaos shards due to play the underworld events and daily sigils.
I know that not every player have such a high amount of shards but there are better and easier ways to get the chards. Furthermore there are adventure board relating tasks, the campaign.
Or introduce a gnom with wrists and replace it with him/her. :sweat_smile:

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