Gnome rewards ...thoughts

The 100 souls and 1 key thing is pretty annoying. I feel like the loot table should look something like:
5 gems
10 gems
5 diamonds
10 diamonds
1000 souls
5000 souls
10000 souls
5000 gold
10000 gold
50000 gold
100000 gold
3 of any traitstone
5 of any traitstone
1 vault key
3 event keys
5 event keys
10 event keys
3 gem keys
5 gem keys
10 gem keys
10 glory keys
25 glory keya
50 glory keys
250 glory
500 glory
1000 glory
50 seals
100 seals
300 seals


I think the 1 key are okay i prefer this then the souls and stones, if they could switch these rewards, the vault event would be perfect


I really don’t mind one gem or event key either. 100 souls pretty much sucks, but the minor stones are the absolute worst. If they insist on giving stones i’m ok with it being celestials as they can be used for crafting if you’re done traiting troops. I like the addition of glory and seals that you proposed, but not at the expense of the 20 or 100 gem possibilities. I’m a little leery on asking the devs for any revision of the loot table though. It seems like we end up shooting ourselves in the foot with our requests no matter how well meaning they are.


Switch the minor stones and 100 souls for 5 gold keys instead.


Minor stones shouldn’t be on the loot table period because they are a glut (compared to the bottlenecks for runic/arcanes needed to trait other troops) at nearly every stage of the economy for the entirety of an account’s progression, essentially making them null drops. 5 gold keys actually sounds like a good compromise there - comparable “value” without being literally worthless at most any stage.

Also yes.


I fully agree to pulling up on the gnomes. We don’t need another Pyrrhic victory.