Remove souls as reward for treasure gnome

Since we now got a soul gnome please remove the souls as rewards for the treasure gnome. You could give treasure or ingots, anything but no more soul please


I completely agree with this 1000%


I even agree for 10000% :ok_hand::vulcan_salute::+1::+1::+1:


I agree 20000% :+1::ok_hand::clap::+1::relaxed:


My agreement % has been heavily trumped.

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Add me to this agreement festival.


I agree (Infinity * Infinty) +2.

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“What? You don’t like getting 100 * 3 souls from the Treasure Vault?! Are you crazy!?”

cough Please get rid of the souls from the Treasure Gnomes… hate using Vault Keys only getting useless souls. I would take gold or even minor traitstones over souls.

While you I may not need the wouldn’t doesn’t mean other players don’t need them.

Swap 100 souls for 2 common ingots, and 500 for 1 rare ingot or something.

Except 2 Treasure Gnomes at 500 Souls each can be dropped by 1 Soul Gnome at it’s lowest. Yeah… I don’t know about Cedric but apparently his soul drops are equal to or worse than Soul Gnome.

If I could :heart: this more than once I would

Yeah, this is a good idea.