Why still souls from treasure gnome?

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit redundant and pointless to receive souls from treasure gnomes since the release of soul gnomes?
Kind of thought this would be an obvious thing during planning stages, but guess it must be intended this way?

Also maybe it’s time to rethink revenge rewards, bit hilarious to still be getting a small amount of souls which can be attained with a single necromancy traited troop in one battle


I never thought about this, but I do agree with it. It makes 0 sense to keep souls in the treasure gnome pot when there is now a soul gnome.

Treasure Gnomes are jacks-of-all-trades. They can drop anything! They are crazy like that. Just because “Bob’s Burgers-Only Joint” opens doesn’t mean that Applebees can’t serve burgers anymore.

As far as Revenge rewards, you are already getting double gold from every battle. The souls are just a little extra something. They should just remove the souls if players can’t be appreciative.


This q is already been asked and the answer was they’re not gonna change anything.
It appears it’s a feature that should help new players to earn souls faster……