Random Gem Gnomes

With so many events involving the shop (raid, invasion, bounty, class, pet rescue, delve) and ways to obtain gems being so scrarce, can we get a Gem Gnome please?

The Gem Gnome can drop one of the followings.

• Stack of Gems
• Bag of Gems
• Chalice of Gems
• Chest of Gems
• The Motherlode

Thank you


You and I both know that this is never happening.


I would rather have a Diamond Gnome show up that would award from 1-5 diamonds.

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Treasure Gnomes already have a chance of dropping either 2 or 5 diamonds with Cedric dropping 50… Soul Gnome can drop more souls than Cedric so making it barely equal to the Treasure Gnome doesn’t seem like it would be worth while going for.

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they could make it much rarer than reg gnomes would be like hitting jackpot in this slot machine rng game theyve created these days xD

Asking for them to give you even more of the premium currency than they already do comes across as greedy and unappreciative. This game is extremely generous with gems as it is.


That gnome is hiding in the shop :smiley:


Very few people recognize this.

I hope you do realize this is a joke post…

I am only okay with this if The Motherlode give you 1000000 gems, and I expect to hit it at least once a day. If not, I am a no go.


LOL, sure it was. People are always putting those crazy joke posts under Feature Request.

We believe what we choose to believe :blush:

Sure, you would’ve believed this was a joke if i posted it in the Guild chat category.

Some people find it as a good chuckle and some people take things too seriously.

Moving on, thank you.