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20 Gems from Treasure Gnome / Data Collection Thread

Thanks Devs! :smiley:



Loot from 5 Treasure Gnomes. Feel free to leave your own so we can start getting data on his drop pool:

20 Gems 2x
4 Gem Keys 1x
3 Event Keys 1x
20,000 Gold 1x


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No pics but:

30,000 gold x 1
5 diamonds x 1
3 event keys x 1

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Look like people will just do explore cause pvp worth nothing and gems will be harder to get

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Treasure Gnomes can appear in PvP too.

The chance is likely per battle though, so about 4x-8x more explores can be done in the same amount of PvP.

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I got 5 diamonds.


I got 2 more treasure gnomes that both gave 20x gems, lol.

80 Gems in 1 hour.


just got 500 souls from one

5 diamonds and 20 gems from two.

How rare is this gnome actually? I’ve done 50+ explore so far and hasn’t be able to find one.

Gnome appears to be between the chance of a celestial traitstone and a arcane traitstone.

Seems like 1 in every 30.

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95 explore,1 treasure gnome.Not a good sign.20 Gems.

just got the 4gem keys one

I got 5 gems from a gnome in battle and 100 gems from the Vault. Not complaining at all.:blush:

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I’m truly sorry for you… :disappointed_relieved:

Pretty much that. The gems, keys, gold and Diamond seems to be the regular rewards. Vault Keys and Orbs so far eluded me.

I just did 100 explore and found 8…

1x Vault Key (x3)
1x 20k Gold
1x 30k Gold
4x Gems (x2)
3x Celestial Stones

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I’ve gotten 5 gnomes so far:
1x 5 diamonds
2x 10000 gold
1x 30000 gold
1x vault key

Vault yielded:
1x5 diamonds
1x 50000 gold
1x Cedric Sparklesack

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What I got so far (I think):

1x 50k gold
1x 5 gems
1x 20 gems
2x Vault Key
1x 3 Event Keys
1x 3 Celestials

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do gnomes only appear when there’s a vault even running?