20 Gems from Treasure Gnome / Data Collection Thread


Thanks Devs! :smiley:


Loot from 5 Treasure Gnomes. Feel free to leave your own so we can start getting data on his drop pool:

20 Gems 2x
4 Gem Keys 1x
3 Event Keys 1x
20,000 Gold 1x

P.S.A. (Pet Saving Announcement)

No pics but:

30,000 gold x 1
5 diamonds x 1
3 event keys x 1


Look like people will just do explore cause pvp worth nothing and gems will be harder to get


Treasure Gnomes can appear in PvP too.

The chance is likely per battle though, so about 4x-8x more explores can be done in the same amount of PvP.




I got 5 diamonds.


I got 2 more treasure gnomes that both gave 20x gems, lol.

80 Gems in 1 hour.


just got 500 souls from one


5 diamonds and 20 gems from two.


How rare is this gnome actually? I’ve done 50+ explore so far and hasn’t be able to find one.


Gnome appears to be between the chance of a celestial traitstone and a arcane traitstone.

Seems like 1 in every 30.


95 explore,1 treasure gnome.Not a good sign.20 Gems.


just got the 4gem keys one


I got 5 gems from a gnome in battle and 100 gems from the Vault. Not complaining at all.:blush:


I’m truly sorry for you… :disappointed_relieved:

Pretty much that. The gems, keys, gold and Diamond seems to be the regular rewards. Vault Keys and Orbs so far eluded me.


I just did 100 explore and found 8…

1x Vault Key (x3)
1x 20k Gold
1x 30k Gold
4x Gems (x2)
3x Celestial Stones


I’ve gotten 5 gnomes so far:
1x 5 diamonds
2x 10000 gold
1x 30000 gold
1x vault key

Vault yielded:
1x5 diamonds
1x 50000 gold
1x Cedric Sparklesack


What I got so far (I think):

1x 50k gold
1x 5 gems
1x 20 gems
2x Vault Key
1x 3 Event Keys
1x 3 Celestials


do gnomes only appear when there’s a vault even running?