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P.S.A. (Pet Saving Announcement)

There’s a fatal flaw in the design. The pet shop is only open if there is a pet rescue in effect. Nerf the pet gnome drop rate and you effectively shutter the pet shop.

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Hi guys!

We have definitely not nerfed pets or changed anything since the release of update 3.4 on Tuesday. You can still find a pet with the same chance you would just as when the update released. Again, this is random, it’s not meant to be every battle for a chance to acquire a pet (that would defeat the purpose of having pets as prizes if they were so easy to obtain?) and we’re pretty busy bug hunting right now - spending time making massive unnecessary design changes is not on the cards.

All the best in your Pet Rescues. :slight_smile: :rabbit:


I agree, on my off day from work there was just the one all day long, and we have had 4 today, one was a repeat in the last 16 hours, I was hoping to catch up beings that there is nothing really left to do in this game for me other than hope I can get some celestial stones and craft a crazy mythic

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My guild got 3 pet event triggered today or maybe even more but I myself managed to get 3 while login sporadically during the day for couple minutes.

I really don’t think there was a nerf or anything the like, you are just unlucky sorry

Had 5-7 pet gnomes on Tuesday in casual PvP.
Think I saw 1 yesterday in the arena.
Nothing today… Not a single pet gnome… Just 5+ treasure gnomes so I’m 10 minor stones richer.
But ooookay then.

This was after 3.3 was released… That also kept you busy with bugs. Yet the treasure gnomes were quickly nerfed.
Not unlikely that the same practice was conducted with 3.4.


Can you type in guild chat @awryan?

Some people mentionned a possible connection between that and not seeing pet

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I asked the dev team if we changed anything and the dev team said “No”. :thinking: :slight_smile: (For Pet Events + Gnomes).



Here to confirm that we have not touched pet gnome drop rates. I also asked.


And i beg you to let it that way please :slight_smile:



I want @Vexx to confirm as well since all the bugs are his fault. JK :wink:

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I don’t think the drop rates have been altered any. I have gotten 3 pet gnomes since getting home today, about 5 hrs. ago.


Oh ok nvm then

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Now, why in the world would the Devs have lied to ya?

Can we all just appreciate that Cyrup ended the post with a bunny?:rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:
(Yeah, that’s all I have to say in this thread.:stuck_out_tongue: )


Wow… Way to misquote…I was laughing at Ricky’s comment.

…the song was never released but did serve as a sort of forerunner to - It’s the End of the PET as We Know It (And I Feel Fine), a song with a similar cadence and delivery.
R.E.M. - PSA aka Bad Day

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Well this morning I completely thought that pet gnomes drop rate wasn’t altered but then this evening came…

In 3h I fought 350-400 casual PVP battle and gained 500k gold

6 celestial stones

12 arcanes Stones

I came across 3 treasure gnomes

I saw 0 pet gnomes…

Last night in 3 h I saw 3 pet gnomes loll…