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P.S.A. (Pet Saving Announcement)

Thank you devs sincerely for the pet gnome drop rate nerf. Since the 3.4 update I had spent 4k of my well hoarded precious gems. I appreciate you making it more difficult for us to spend more gems… Cause that makes sense. :+1:
18 unique pets total personal net

3 in the past 9 hours with 2 of them coming within 3 hours after reset.
1 yesterday since it was the only one available.
13 on Tuesday.
1 after the patch on Monday.
(My guild has record of 21 rescues total)

Call this post “braggy” if you want…idgaf.
This is hard data of a nerf that most likely happened yesterday, but didn’t notice because of the pet rescue day.
It just boggles my mind as to why they’d nerf it though. I was dumping serious amount of gems. I thought that’s what y’all want now?!?


I have noticed the same. I had 3 in 5 hours by myself after they came out. Now I’ve played 6hrs without a one.
A guildie did set one off though, so I got my dose of cute.

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I don’t know what you talking about, we still getting 1 every hour


Must be nice.
Wonder if it’s possible to nerf on one platform and not the other.

Or you’re paranoid and, as you say, have trust issues. ;p


Yep… Cause Ninja nerfs never happen in GoW.

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Multiple people in my guild have been playing all morning, and we have yet to trigger one pet rescue. I could understand a nerf, to come extent, but this seems ridiculous.

It is also a slap in the face to all the people that had multiple issues/ couldn’t log in to their accounts after the update on Tuesday.

Oh well. I hope I see at least one before the day is over geesh!


You guys know when you finished the 8 battles you can search for a gnome and wait to kill it when timer is done right?

The person ready with a gnome pet only need to ask guildmate how many time left on the event or set a timer before finishing the fight


Which is why we had an event start a minute after reset last night.
So that being said…2 pet gnomes in 9+ hours actually.

Weird no prob here crossing fingers so it stay that way

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We were about even the last we talked. How many Unique pets do you have currently?
And you may want to delete your posts so it stays that way. :wink:

I am also upset that within a week of 3.4 I have not obtained every pet and ascended them all to their highest level.

What the hell is wrong with this, I’m supposed to finish new content in 24h. I’m very mad and it’s ruined my dinner of tide pod pizza.



Unfortunately I ratted myself out. Lol

I got 19 but some crazy guy didin’t sleep and got 25 lol

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I still haven’t seen a pet gnome. It’s been my guildies who have triggered all the events not me. One day…


I got 2 epic im missing 1 mini death to epic and 1 mythic the rest are all level 5 and waiting for duplicate

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I don’t get any because I’m at work. Ps4 here.


Ninja nerfs effect all players (on the same platform at least).


I ask you to move past your instincts of trying to make this thread about you. And actually look at the bigger picture here.
If a guild who plays 24 hours a day is seeing a drastic drop rate decrease. What do you think is happening to the way less active guilds?
I realize my biasis… and I know I only care because it effects me.
Realize your own… And realize that if you don’t have actually have anything to say of actual substance here.
Perhaps you can go “play” somewhere else. Or if you’re capable of it… See ONE, just ONE, thread on the forums that you resist your troll instinct to comment on. Thank you in advance. :grinning:

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Oh the irony.