Soul gnome in the vault?


If you find a soul gnome in the vault let us know please :innocent:


Guild mate did after I used up all my keys and said I don’t think they’re in there on here.
There was at least 4 ninja updates after the initial patch. I’m sure that was one of them.


My sub-account got using 12 vault keys, but main is nothing…nothing :sob:


I got 2 Treasure Gnomes, 1 Cedric and 1 Valraven in around 15-20 Keys, so it’s clearly getting more difficult to get the one troop drop you need.

Good thing there’s a Vault weekend coming up…


Got it on my 3rd key


Spend 20 keys: 2 Cedric, 2 Major Orbs but:

  • no Soul Gnome
  • no Treasure keys

I’m on steam :thinking: .


I got it after 15 vault keys… many of my drops were troops, have drop chances been modified to get fewer orbs/keys from the vault? Full list of Cedric drops today for me:

  • Cedric (x2)
  • Valraven (x3)
  • Treasure gnome (x2)
  • Soul gnome
  • 250 gems
  • 60k gold (x2)
  • 50 diamonds
  • Minor orb (x3)


There are more gnomes coming, right? Should I keep hoarding?


I’m still looking for Cedric Sparklesack and now the new Soul Gnome… not going to enjoy hoping Cedric is kind and not a jerk with an orb of growth.


Devs have mentioned “Glory Gnomes” and “Gem Jewel Gnomes”. Your call whether you spend your Vault Keys hunting now or later.


Jewel Gnomes are in the spoiler. But no Gem Gnomes… I doubt that devs will release a Gnome who will give either gems or vault key…


Thanks. I edited my post.