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Now that we have a Soul Gnome

Can we finally do away with the 100 Soul reward from the Treasure Gnome? It’s a reward that appears far too frequently from a rare mob. It’s an insult even to new players, let alone anyone who’s been playing more than two weeks.

Keep soul rewards with the Soul Gnome and treasure rewards with the Treasure Gnome.


Better yet, replace the soul reward with a random treasure that can be used for hordes. :grinning:


Might as well have a Traitstone Gnome as well then…


Completely agree with this suggestion!

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BTW, does the Dawnbringer become more available with these Soul Gnomes? Less soul farming?

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Guess you’re joking?

Anything help but relying on those gnomes is ridiculous.

Been spamming explore (with the firebird/bomb teams) from a couple hours, fully traited a newly aquired divinia am few arcanes away from fully trait borealis (both from scratch even though had some arcanes already) and in the process i’ve meet a whopping ONE soul gnome for 2,5k soul while got 100k+ golds. (and about 7/8 normal gnomes)

Soul farming team is still the way with a tiny help from gnomes.

Now that we have soul gnomes who casually drop 1k+ souls (2 out of my 5 recent gnomes dropped 5k souls), the 2500 soul drop from cedric is abysmal

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Treasure Gnomes should no longer be allowed to drop souls since Soul Gnomes completely destroy them. You get double the amount of souls from a Soul Gnome’s lowest to the Treasure Gnome’s highest soul drop.

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Oops sorry i posted same request but i agree no more soul for treasure gnome please

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What if Treasure Gnomes dropped a random treasure that can be used in the Underworld?

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There must be Underworld Gnomes to drop them.

I want a Phero Gnome whose third trait makes it more likely that you will encounter another type of Gnome.

I definitely agree with no more souls in Cedric and Treasure Gnome. The prize pool is already crowded without a pitiful amount of souls wasting space.

Lower levels need those souls but with the add of soul gnome this addresses that issue so I agree treasure gnome should not have souls in them. You can take out the minor no one needs as well.