Please change Treasure Gnome rewards

Please remove the bad rewards (souls and stones) and give us ingots instead


Also please add a 100,000,000,000 soul reward plus also 50,000 traitstones, what we get is a pittance and I get really impatient if it takes longer than a week to max something out.


I just said remove souls :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why you react like this
Giving commun ingots wouldn’t break the game and would be more usefull than souls and stones but it’s ok feel free to troll the thread cause you don’t like the idea


Souls are great to have in the gnome drops


Actually, common ingots are worth around -10 souls, whereas 100 souls is +100 souls. A common ingot drop would be the new lowest drop if it was added to their drop table.


Lol yeah 100 soul so usefull when you can get 1000 in 1 pvp battle

@Tacet i would still prefer ingots :slight_smile:
I would agree with you if i could change
My soul for common ingots but unfortunately it doesn’t work like this

I’d be cool with leaving the souls, and maybe adding ingots. I also don’t like getting the minor trait stones, souls,etc. BUT I’ve always looked at the Vault/treasure gnomes as a gamble, and getting rid of the bad rewards would ruin the whole “will I get a great drop or will I get a bad one” fun of the gnome drops :).

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and, opening a Vault key and getting 2 minor trait stones, 2500 hundred gold, 100 souls, and a Major Orb of Chaos…which turns out to be a Major Orb of Growth :joy:

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They are only “bad” for 1% (or less) of players.

This request should be “Please add Ingots to the drop pool in the Gnome Vault, and TH”


Lol i will just forget, last time i asked a gnome change it was a disaster :slight_smile:


Minor stones are bad for everyone. Through the games easiest reward systems, before gnomes existed, you are given enough minor stones such that they will never bottleneck you on traiting something unless you craft them into other types. Crafting them into majors is a waste, since majors reach a worthless state before minors, and crafting them into a single runic requires 21 minors and 900 souls. The time differential between farming any stone that would bottleneck someone (runic or above) and farming the souls (and in the case of arcanes, celestials) while attempting to farm the stones is greater than just farming the stone itself with a faster team. Therefore, regardless of how many minor stones you are obtaining, the only time you ever should use minors to craft into runics is if you are at the soul wall (complete with dawnbringer), you have too many minors, and somehow you are still bottlenecked by runics but not arcanes - something that would happen pre 2.1.0, but is really no longer applicable considering how long ago 2.1.0 was. Since these extra sources of minor stones don’t really feed into anything that isn’t more costly than just getting it outright, and we had “enough” starting in 2.1.0, they are functional null drops for anything that rewards them that was added post patch 2.1.0. This is doubly true in 3.5 now that you can no longer “cherry pick” the first and second traits of troops for kingdom progression and avoid using runics and arcanes for as long as possible, where before you could make an argument that frontloading traits allowed a slight amount of time saving on kingdom progression at the very early stages that is no longer possible.

Ingots, on the other hand, while extremely an extremely fractional gain (a common ingot being worth 1/10,000th of a legendary and 1/100,000th of a mythic ingot) will move your bar forward some. The amount of souls you need to upgrade ingots is relatively minor unless ingots start flooding in through non-battle sources, since each battle gives a minor amount of souls, usually enough to cover the ingot upgrade cost without using a soul generator by the time you’ve collected enough to upgrade.

Minors being replaced with common Ingots wouldn’t really hurt anybody, but it wouldn’t really help much either, as honestly pretty close to zeros in the grand scheme of thing, but an ingot would “feel” better to something I know is carefully calculated to be a zero and not help anybody in even the slightest way. A “random” ingot, weighted like drops are, would be still be pretty close to zero but would “feel” better IMO (mostly because the weapon upgrade system doesn’t look “finishable” at the moment). Replacing souls would be a wash to some people, positive to some, and negative to others, but minor stones can definitely go.


Maybe give 2 or 3 common ingots if people feel 1 is close to 0

Or add common ingots in gold chest pool

All of this. Replace minor traitstones with ingots, add common and rare ingots to gold/glory chests, and add the more valuable ingots to treasure map green/red/vault chests.


How do you get 1,000 in pvp battle? Because I still need souls. 800,000 away from that OP weapon, and still missing a lot of hero levels.

All the teams I’ve seen for farming explore would not work in pvp and only give like 450 per match on warlord 2 difficulty, which can be done about 2-3 per minute for me.

I want to farm pvp for hero xp and only getting 100 souls (with no necromancy traits) isn’t nearly enough to make a dent in anything.

Off topic, sorry!

I actually like the souls in the drops. I think it helps those that aren’t at end game, especially early to mid players. I was late game but my over a year long break essentially pushed me back to mid game… so I enjoy getting souls.

It would be cool to see some ingots drop in addition, so you’d be getting souls and gold less perhaps. Could add all of the rarities (obviously at an appropriate drop chance) and perhaps commons would come in a 2 or 3 pack.

Top-end farming uses multiple Pharos-Ra. I don’t have multiples, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find the math tells me 1k+ souls per battle is possible. But unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’ll probably have Dawnbringer way before you get multiple Pharos-Ra. Which is a good thing: then you can spend your resources on a more generally useful mythic.

Can you send me your minor stones? I keep running out and almost have no majors left to craft minors with.

Pick what you need


It’s not like gnomes appear in every 2 or 3 battles they are still pretty rare. Even if common ingots was all gnomes could drop and if they dropped 10 at a time it would still be impossible to max out everything in a week.

This would be good for people that don’t do pvp then at least they would have a chance at getting ingots when doing explore.

Lucky you, my vault contained the same, just without the “Major” attached to the Orb of Chaos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I saw 6 gnomes yesterday and tend to see 15-20 in casual play during events. I don’t even want to know how many the person I know who has a mythic ingot saw.

Personally, my favorite gnome reward is the diamonds. Even getting 10 bonus diamonds in a day feels great.