Gnome fix PLEASE

With the release of the soul gnome, could now please remove “souls” from the drop pool of standard treasure gnomes? In theory, this would increase the chance of a vault key ever so slightly:))


While I like the idea, and hope it eventually happen in the game, I want correct something.

Removing Soul reward won’t actually increase Vault key drop, as it’s a separate chance. Let’s say the chance of getting Vault key from Treasure Gnome during Vault event is 10%, it doesn’t matter how many items are in other 90% or how they are divided.

It might actually increase vault key rates, depends how its rolled. Lets do a simple example:
Vault key, weight 1
Souls, weight 19
Everything else weight 81

So vault is 1℅, souls is 19%, everything else is 81%.
If souls get removed, the weights are now:
Vault 1
Everything 81
So now, a vault key is 1.22% (1/82)
GASP increase of 0.22%!!!
Still an increase, if the everything became weight 99, something s inside “everything” gets an increased drop rate, meaning.

Basically, removing a drop, increases at least 1 other drop’s rate.

For all we know it seems to be a two tiered roll, similar to how chests work. First roll to decide whether you hit the vault pool (which only contains the vault key) or the treasure pool (which contains all kind of loot). Second roll on the pool that was picked. On vault event weekend, the chance for the vault pool on the first roll gets set to roughly 10%, ensuring that the loot distribution within the treasure pool remains unmodified.

Exactly. For all we know. That’s why i mentioned “Basically, removing a drop, increases at least 1 other drop’s rate.” Either everything changes, or the “everything” changes.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but i’m also not saying you’re right, it might follow the same pattern, it might not.