Epic Vault Key Suggestion

Since most of the players in this game don’t really need Chaos Shards anymore, is there a small chance that we can get that gnome replaced with either a random gnome that drops 2x the amount of their drops or a cursed gnome that has it’s drop rate the same. That would make Epic Vault keys more fun to run.


Well the shards do come in handy when new factions are released and while this benefits the much more established players the newer players would certainly like to get the shards. Plus even if you have 4x mythic troops for each faction opening portals with the shards gets you more treasures which you need a ton of to upgrade all the hoards to help with delve progression. It would however be nice to have the epic vault key lineup have a chance to include more of the gnomes like verse gnomes and cursed gnomes instead of the regular bunch.

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It takes about 8000 chaos shards, when a new faction releases, to get all 4 troops fully ascended each with 4 copies. Many who do daily delves have plenty of them. This is what the OP intends to point out.


I’m aware. Just also pointing out that if you remove the gnomes it will make it harder for new players that just pick up the game to make progress with their factions and that’s important too. If new players find stuff too hard to get established then that means less players in the player base to replace those players that leave or to increase numbers. Not saying it is a bad suggestion at all just saying I for one would rather see other gnomes rotated in instead of replacing them completely. Even if i no longer need those shards.

Getting things we already have a ton of is a pretty big portion of the game. Pets you already have a ton of copies of instead of pets you need, mythics you already have vs mythics you need and hundreds of cedrics lol. Such is the nature of RNG. I am sure you likewise have way more ingots than you could ever have a use for when you started out I would wager they were useful and you wanted to get more.

Can’t get stuck looking through the lens of “I have too much of this so it is useless” and forget about the fact there are always new players joining who would like to eventually reach that point as well.


I understand that getting chaos shards as a new player is very valuable. How deflated do you think a new player will feel in a couple of weeks when they HAVE to spend gems on the soul forge to level it up because they aren’t getting that special drop everyone got. We know how that special drop feels now lol.

You can farm chaos shards daily. How rare are these gnomes going to be when this “buff” goes away? There isn’t a way to farm them. I have a second account that is starved for chaos shards. But I can farm them, therefore giving me reason to seek out the delves on a daily basis.

I’m just suggesting that for all players to get the MOST out of vault keys, let that gnome be a random one.

Thank you for your replies, I do like your feedback on my suggestion.


To me, the Vault keys should be a source of things that are rare to acquire in the game. Acquiring and accumulating chaos shards are very easy. Gnome drops like souls, gold, traitstones, etc could also be removed from the Vault drops. Emphasis on vault troops, orbs, verses, cursed runes could be raised.


Yes, please, make current Not-So-Epic Vault keys really Epic. Daemon gnome and one of Treasure gnomes can be easily replaced with Cursed gnome and one of Verses gnomes.

Now I just save my EVKs for better times.


Alas this is why it is unlikely to happen. Some players have stashes of dozens or hundreds of EVKs so would be able to easily build up large amounts of resources very eaily if demon gnomes were replaced

Okay then. They can be used for class development – 2 XP for a class and some resources.

With an increasing number of Kingdoms, the current set up will help a new player to catch up. The pink shards are more important than runes. You can farm runes during vault event.

I am just hoping for the Devs to remove the following rewards:

1) 2 Minor Traitstones (WTF!)
2) Less than 10 Gem and Event keys
3) Less than 10k Gold
3) Less than 10k Souls
4) Less than 50 chaos shards