Change Epic Vault Opponents

With the new influx of normal and epic vault keys due to GAP, it’s become even more obvious how terrible the rewards are from epic vault. Here’s my petition:

  • Instead of the current 2x Treasure Gnome, Daemon Gnome and King Cedric, a player fights 4x Cedric, or even 3x Cedric and one King Cedric

Reasoning: King Cedric’s x4 drop is the only “epic” part of the epic vault, and usually not particularly great. Having 3x Cedric + King Cedric would yield more interesting rewards, and make vault-exclusive troops slightly more attainable. Even with the new influx of epic vault keys, they are still rare and only really obtainable GAPs during vault weekend, or extreme grinding.

PS: There will always be people who p(l)ay too much and have absurd stashes.


Perhaps one of them could be a Gnome that only shows up in the epic vault and drops deeds, with a slight chance of an imperial deed?

(I hesitate to suggest a new “legendary vault”. Of course, they would probably program it to require a legendary key that a player would obtain only once a year. So, never mind.)


I got 2 minor yellow traitstone on my last Epic Vault, what a joke, not epic at all.


Yes please, using my first epic vault key was… highly disappointing. And the following ones weren’t great at all. :confounded:

I was not thrilled to discover there’s always a chaos shard gnome, no.

What we need in there is a gnome that drops doomed forge scrolls.

The 11 week rationing system we have now is broken.


This is the worst. I don’t see why this is even possible with epic vault keys, at worst it should be arcanes.

Also there should be increased chances of getting a Tarot Card from an Epic Key :+1:

(And not from 0.1% to 0.2%!!)


I was thinking replacing one of the Treasure Gnomes with a Cursed Gnome, that way people won’t have to break down and use Gems to fully upgrade their Soulforge.