Cedric Sparklesack should not drop troops which already has 4 copies of mythic

The value of the Vault Key is dependent on what Cedric drops. Drops from Treasure Gnomes are meager. Unfortunately, Cedric is dropping his own card more than anything else. I being a moderate player have 237 copies of him at Mythic Level. I am sure other dedicated players have much more copies of him. This is when other vault troops, which need 190 copies to be ascended to mythic are not even at legendary level for me. Let’s say, on an average, I have 50 to 60 copies of each one of them. Similarly for tarrot cards, I keep getting duplicate of one card, like The Emperor, when I don’t have enough to ascend others to Mythic. The happiness of getting a Vault Key is short lived when Cedric drops such troops.
Just like Guild Chests, Cedric should not drop troops which already has 4 copies of Mythic.


Given how new vault cards keep being released, I’d love to see the guild guardian mechanic applied. Bad enough pulling some useless gnome troop but pulling it when you already have 4 copies at mythic is just a slap in the face


If already be happy if far fewer Cedrics would drop…


Absolutely agree with this. I don’t need any more copies of Cedric. Please apply the guild chest logic here.


Totally agree. Right now the troop card drop rate from Cedric is too high (maybe around half the time). Then when you actually get a major orb and it turns out to be a growth (80% of the time), the joy of beating the vault is non-existent.

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I would like to say the same but imagine how easy it will be to get new troops from Vault.
But it would be nice to reduce Cedric’s drop rate.

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They really need to do the suggested idea here. Out of 31 evks this weekend about 40% of my Cedric’s drops were Cedric himself or other gnomes/tarots. All of which I have mythic and several copies of. Epic vault keys definitely shouldn’t drop this garbage, and especially not at the rate they are now.

Yes please. Last time I tracked it 10% of EVKs dropped Cedric.

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