[NOT A BUG] EVK loot of a troop didn't drop 4x?

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android Os 10
Samsung tablet S6

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I expected to get 4 of the Sun troops but I only received one. Unlike any of the other troop drops in this EVK Cedrics sparklesack that drop 4 or am I only to receive one of the new troops? Please advise.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

When I use the E V K

Steps to make it happen again

Use an EVK and get the Sun as a reward and see for yourself if you get one or 4?

If it’s based upon rarity then Cedric gets you 4, yet this one gets you one?

It is about rarity, yes. The less rarer troops get pulled as a lot. Legendaries come in singles.

Cedric is a legendary, yet drops 4. And the verse gnomes are lower rarity, yet only seem to drop 1. It’s all very arbitrary, feels like it’s being maintained by several people who never sync with each other. For all we know the excessively high Cedric drop rate is even a bug that just keeps getting hand waved away because there isn’t any single person responsible for this.


Oh…I guess I was lucky enough to not pull Cedrics from EVKs yet.

Epic key Emperor

Looks like it is not by rarity…Maybe a bug(?)


Hey @gmorin2,

We are currently looking into this to see if this is the intended behaviour of the Epic Vault Rewards or not.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Todays EVK rewards:
4x Cedric
1x Daemon Gnome
4x Soul Gnome

This one is actually the most unusual outlier. It’s just your average run-of-the-mill gnome, like Soul Gnome, and it still somehow only drops 1 copy instead of 4.

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Combining everyone’s data from this thread on troops specifically from Cedric in EVK. Edit: I’m only including data with picture proof. Here’s the possibilities:

Common Troops:
-4 Glory Gnome
-1 Daemon Gnome
-4 Soul Gnome
-4 Mecha Gnome
-4 Valraven

Epic Troops:
-2 Cindi Savagelips

Legendary Troops:
-4 Cedric
-1 The Sun
-1 The Emperor

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Thanks @Wow ! I updated my comment to only show troops that have picture evidence. One of my own notes was wrong oops. :sweat_smile: I got some screenshots somewhere and can keep adding…

Some more EVK rewards. Everyone share your pics and I’ll update my comment above with the list.

You really were not kidding when you said to like timing stuff, There’s even a timer showing how long it takes to collect the rewards :joy:

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Hah! Didn’t even realize I had that. Oops. I didn’t exactly take this screenshot with the intention of sharing it. :sweat_smile: This timer was for testing different teams for vaults.

Don’t you judge me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Interestingly enough, the new band gnome dropped x2 in the Epic Vault Key I just popped. I was expecting either 1 or 4, not 2…


Cindi is an epic troops unlike the others but Im not sure if rarity has anything to do with it. So far both common and legendary troops drop as a single card or four. Now epics drop in pairs. :woman_shrugging:

I think they can drop from 1/4 unless it’s Cedric. Cedric is always 4

Hey all!

Just heard back from the team, these appear to be intended. But will be reviewed in the future.

Daemon Gnome - Currently aware it is only dropping one compared to the other common Gnomes which drop x4. Linked to when that troop first released. Intended at the moment.

Mana Surge Gnomes - Believe this is due to Mana Surge Gnomes being new a new Troop.

The Emperor - Even though a Legendary, as it is used to craft in the Soulforge it will drop x1 compared to Cedric.

Again, I brought all of this up with the team and they plan to review it future.

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Appreciate this, although with regards to the explanation for The Emperor (or similar Tarots), as the troop isn’t consumed when crafting, that doesn’t really make sense (i.e. it wouldn’t matter if it was x1 or x4 or x40 with regards to crafting in the Soulforge).