Trade in extra copies of Cedric Sparklesack

I know it will never happen but I just got another copy of Cedric (now 6 extra and mythic) and I thought how nice it would be if I could trade in this card for another vault key, kind of like in a roleplay kidnapping/ransom kind of way.

Just putting this out there…:slight_smile:


Yes please

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Yup i can see a recipe on soulforge 10 Cedrics, 800 diamonds for a Vault key.


That sounds about right… or buy one vault key for half price, only $9.99 on special for the next few hours!

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Why not just remove him and all the other gnomes from the drop pool when you have them at 4x mythic.

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I’d settle/be happy for removing all gnomes from the drop pool and add them in as Chest drops. I am sick of fishing for new gnome troops in the Vault; I shouldn’t have to be annoyed to see an Orb of Ascension.