Epic vault key reward? Epic my ass!

WTF is this?

Really from a epic vault keys???!!!


if all of them are gold, then it’d be much more epic, lol

The simple multi is a joke, at least four cedrics with rarer things should be minimum.

I used one for the psn trophy, dont know if i will ever use the other ones 🤷

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The issue with the vault in my opinion is that troops are in Cedric’s loot table. The more troops they add to the vault the worse the rewards will be overall.

It would make a lot more sense if when you encounter and defeat a troop in the vault, there would be a % chance for them to “join” you. So Sparklesack will always have valuables in that little bag of his, then you’d roll a chance at one of the defeated troops to add to your collection.

It doesn’t really make sense anyway. You’re telling me Cedric is running around the vault with his buddies tied up in that bag?


Vault battles are fixed, standard vault is 3x Treasure Gnome + 1x Cedric, epic vault is 2x Treasure Gnome, 1x Daemon Gnome, 1x Cedric. Makes it kind of difficult to defeat the other ones. A better approach might be to add a random gnome on top of the the regular vault rewards. It’s not like have much gameplay value.

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Another epic loot!

Please stop giving me Cedric!


1 out of 2 epic vault key is useless, giving you 4x cedric or other useless troops. I pity those who are paying to get more epic VK.

Agree ; effort for reward or input or grind; is increasingly unbalanced in this game

My biggest issue with EK is the presence of Daemon gnome, which means I am locked into have Chaos Shards - a resource that I don’t want or need.

There isn’t a chance to roll anything else, only a higher or lower number of useless shards for that slot.


@Jeto @Kafka are there plans to improve Epic Vault key rewards? Now they are close to pathetic. For such rare keys rewards can be definitely better.


This x1000 - EVKs are pretty rubbish at the moment. The idea of replacing the daemon gnomes with cursed gnomes is a great one


The latest “epic” reward

Major improvement is needed!!!

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Instead of 2 Minor traitstones, 2 Cursed Runes.

Then those who care about chaos shards can still get them, and one of the things no one wants (or should, at the very least) is replaced by something most people will care about.

And if they don’t, well — guaranteed they also don’t need those minor traitstones :man_shrugging:

(Also, at 2 an occurrence, this would hardly break the Curse Rune economy. It would still take 5 occurrences to equal a single Cursed Gnome)