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The Vault and the Gnomes - necessary changes

Greetings, developers!

Please consider making the next changes or adjustments:

  • Gnomes and Valraven that are already at four copies, fully ascended and leveled, should no longer be present or met with the same card/s in the Vault - you should get a different reward.

  • If all Vault cards are already ascended and at four copies, then remove those from the stack.

Number 1: Getting tired of getting the same card/s that I already have but not the one/s I need.
Number 2: Good incentive for more money spending during the Vault Event for people who can now get a bit better chances or different rewards.

I hope you do the right thing.

Good day.


It’s a ‘something for nothing’ request, but I’m on board!!


Yeah I am in favor of this. It doesn’t effect a great number of people but perhaps enough for it to be a nice bonus.


Well, by having x4 copies of each now that you can get only in the Vault, I would be definitely more interested to get some Vault Keys from the Flash Sales, provided that those troops won’t appear again and that I’ll get more chances of getting different and more useful rewards.


I would prefer the troops to have their own separate drop. So you’d get the 4 rewards + a chance at a gnome for a total of 5. I mean it’s already super lame that these really hard to get vault keys have such terrible loot rewards as it is.

I would ascencion-orb all my gnomes instantly to remove all those useless gnomes from the loot table.