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Have the Treasure Gnome and Valraven enemies drop their own troop cards

Right now, Treasure Gnome and the Valraven are prizes in the Vault. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but it is very unrealistic to ever get either troop to Mythic from finding extra copies from the Vault alone.

Its a daunting number to get a common to mythic: 191 copies of the same troop.

That’s why Orb of Ascensions exist, right? Well, Orb of Ascensions are equally rare or even more difficult to get than getting those 2 troops from the vault. They aren’t high priority troops, so using Orbs on them feel like a waste. I’m sure some will disagree.

To promote active gameplay, I think it would be nice to have Treasure Gnomes drop a Treasure Gnome troop card after each kill, and the same with Valraven dropping Valraven.

This would give another positive encouragement to play the new Raid or Invasion mode to hunt Valravens down.

Having the Treasure Gnome drop a Treasure Gnome troop can serve both as a marker of how many you have defeated, but also a nice little trinket for awhile incase the booby prize a Treasure Gnome drops is 100 souls or 2 minor traitstones.

The Vault won’t lose any value as the Legendary Cedric will still be a hunted troop and some of the other prizes have time to shine more.


I need 1 more cedric to mythic and got 3 common gnomes, 2 valraven.

But yes that would be nice, even though I wouldn’t use the gnome troops and the vault doesn’t have a physical kingdom so no kingdom power.

I dont see a good use for either gnome.or valvaren in pvp

You can use orbs if you really want to mythic them all

And they are the same as Apocalypse , Guardians and Primal kingdom, in which they dont offer Stars or kingdom level bonus for being maxed out in rarity and level.

Entitlement at its worse, already complaining that they can’t get the brand new troop mythic within first week.

I can’t even get one yet somehow people have 5 smh.

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I counted my vault keys, did 32 in the last 24 hrs but have to admit I did explores with speedfarm team for a few hours straight.

I wish you the best of luck on getting Cedric!

Lol @ the folks with pvp vault teams.

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Hey i use it bro i thought it was funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im not asking for a brand new troop to mythic within the first week.

But can you really expect to get Valraven and the Treasure Gnome to Mythic from the Vault alone?

They’ll be hard to get mythic, just like imps. And just as pointless. But I spent lots of diamonds to buy 4 imps in the soulforge, and the legendary gnome is just an orb of ascension away from mythic.

The legendary gnome is fine as is. Its more of the 2 common troops from the vault, of which somehow I’m a lot of vault keys in and have yet to get Treasure Gnome troop, let alone the thought of making it Mythic from playing the Vault.

Somebody cannot tell the difference between 1 week and 3 years.

It is very possible for a game to decide that 100% completion isn’t or shouldn’t be within reach of a player. I don’t think the devs have explicitly stated either way, but it’s valid for them to decide that.

I played another game that went as far as implementing multiple soul-bound items per holiday just to ensure there would be unattainable items for completionists. The devs were open and stated on multiple occasions this was their goal, that they didn’t like that kind of gameplay and wanted to discourage it. Few players ended up really caring, and the completionists that did play the game were OK with many blank spots in the collection having a “technically not obtainable” asterisk.

I have a hunch the GoW devs share the idea that completing the collection isn’t expected out of any but the most severely dedicated (read: addicted) players. If they felt otherwise, Soulforge would be faster and less random.

Personally, I’m a completionist. But not every game’s friendly to that goal, and that’s OK. If I can figure out early a game’s not friendly to it I abandon it as a goal.

Me too, and I got a grand total of…*drum roll*…wait for it…1 vault key. So, yeah, the event may as well almost have not been running in my experience.

I feel bad for you! Today wasn’t my lucky day, either.

Completionist is still easily obtainable by those already completionists. Remember before soul forge, you had to wait almost a year for imps, and missed mythics were almost impossible to get.
Now we have orbs to help. It may take more than a week though lol

How do I turn orbs into Infernus?

It’s diamonds, and via soul forge. But you already knew that. And my low level mobile account just made 4000 diamonds today.