Devs, you need to fix your broken Vault loot table

We have been through another boring Vault event where dedicated players hammer low level battles for hours seeking those valuable Vault Keys.

There are, to date, five troops that can only be found in the Vault: Treasure Gnome, Soul Gnome, Pet Gnome, Valraven, and Cedric. This means that until you have at least one copy of each of these, those are the most valuable rewards from the Vault.

Devs, pay attention, for this is important. It is ludicrous that troops labeled “Common” are so hard to get a hold of while the putative “Legendary” Cedric drops so frequently now.

I played all weekend with one goal: get a Pet Gnome, the only troop I am missing (including the stupidly hard to get but surprisingly useless Zuul’Goth). In 27 total Vault Keys, I got 0 Pet Gnomes, 0 Valravens, 0 Treasure Gnomes, 1 Soul Gnome, and 4 Cedrics.

Adding those 4 Cedrics to my collection gives me now 11 Mythic Cedrics. Yes, I started the day not having a conceivable use for a Cedric outside of disenchanting it for a whopping 100 souls. That’s right, Devs, 4 of my 27 Cedric rewards this weekend amounted to 100 souls each. Is this the kind of thing that is going to keep your longterm players playing your game?

Cedrics need the same treatment as Guild Guardians. Once a person has 4 Mythic Cedrics, the reward system should choose another Vault troop as the reward.

You swung the pendulum way too far in favor of dropping Cedrics. Fix it.


I 2nd that, we should be able to ascend vault troops and get them removed from drop table.

Actually, a far better approach would to give Cedric two loot rolls, one on the gnome table and one on the treasure table. You always get a gnome, with heavy bias towards a common one. And you always get a treasure, to feel excited about. Right now, whenever your one treasure roll comes up with yet another gnome you already own, it feels like the Vault is doing a gnome laugh.

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You don’t use a greed 3 Cedric team?