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Do you have a Treasure Gnome troop?

I have one. Won it in the Vault. And since then it has sat in my collection twiddling it’s thumbs. What is the point in a troop that has a 30% chance to run-away, after all?

Well, I just had a thought (unless I’m missing something). If EVERYONE that has a treasure gnome in their collection adds them to their pvp defence team, we’ll increase the odds of encountering a TG in pvp exponentially. Ergo, more rewards, more often!

Just wondering what the community feels about this?

Unfortunately the player gnome are not dropping loots :slight_smile:

TG only triggers a reward when spawned by the game. If you use one yourself, whether on defense or offense, it won’t give you any extra rewards. Same goes for fighting one that someone put on their team.

I think receiving the TG in the Vault is mainly for completionists. It’s a card that is meant to just sit. it does nothing BUT it completes your collection, so that is that haha.

Last week cedrik was in the soulforge and the week before the gnome was there also, so i predict we gonna see valraven there soon

Oh well… never-mind. Back to the grindstone then :wink:

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Keep at it, you only need 190 more to ascend that little guy to mythic!

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you dont need 190 copies lol. all mythic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Most of us aren’t in a position to use precious, precious orbs of ascension on vanity plates but count me impressed!


I had nothing else to use orbs on :sunglasses:

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You only got 1 mythic im not impressed :stuck_out_tongue: