Vault Key change?

One Change I would like to see to vault keys is taking cards out as one of the prizes. No one wants to get a card as their major prize. I think every vault key since they are rare should get a card then they get a prize also from each Gnome. So you would get 4 prizes plus the card. I think this is a good idea. Thoughts.


High end players who only aim to complete their collection find the gnomes the biggest treasure.
Personally I wouldn’t mind if the gnomes were troops we can’t get at all and would be happy to see them go as a prize.

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I’m high end player and I see cards as a big zero. You do not need them for a kingdom or anything like that. I think now that Vault Keys are being sold it would help sell more of them if they changed it.

I still want them as cards. But i do find the rewards underwhelming considering how few vault keys come by.

The common gnome rewards from the Vault should have been the only ones that could drop gnome troops. So the legendary gnome reward never drops any troops at all. That would had been a win for all of us.

Well what I’m suggesting is the actual key to drop the card and for all Gnomes to drop an actual prize. So this would be great for players and not bad for the Devs because I think more would buy the keys if the possibility of the best prize being a card is removed.

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It’s part of the gold nerf.

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