The Treasure Vault Gnomes - 12 Vault Keys used

I have decided to post a video about the current event.
Tell me if you spot anything important.


What? That you got the reward from the gnome that fled?

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I was wasting 5 minutes of my life so that others didn’t have to. You beat me by 30 seconds.


If a gnome ran away, you used to be able to retreat and fight the battle again and the gnome would be back. I guess that was a bug instead of a cool feature.

Nothing new. So far I know, it have always been so. Gnomes in a vault are not your regular gnomes that run away for good.

Think like this. Regular gnomes can rin away, and have a chance to drop a vault key as reward. Gnomes in the vault are already inside the reward, so they won’t actually run away but they won’t drop a vault key either.

It happened a couple of times to me that I forget switching back from warlord IV before vault, and one or another gnomes goes away, and still counts in reward.

Once I’ve succeeded in losing all 3 gnomes…

Vault gnomes can drop a vault key.

@awryan is correct about vault gnomes dropping vault keys. I can testify from personal experience.

Likewise, got it once myself.

Yeah they do

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Wow those loots!! Really lucky :four_leaf_clover: