Treasure hunt, vault keys

I think if you get vault on treasure hunt. You Should vault key or something special for working hard on it. Tell me what you think,

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They were supposed to be redesigning Treasure Hunt from what I recall.

I think this would be a great idea because getting a vault is pretty rare for most people, and it would give a reason to do Treasure Hunt (and actually TRY), besides the weekly.

Giving a gem key for it was cool back when it was introduced but now most guilds just farm LTs for them.

Not sure if devs will go for it though; they seem unhealthily attached to gnomes.

Maybe a treasure Gnome from a vault would be more likely. A vault key from a gnome on vault weekend is rare. No way they would put one in every vault.

Treasure Hunt puts no coin in the devs’ pockets, so I doubt they’ll change anything.

I totally agree.
One guaranteed Vault Key would be desired from the Vault/Safe, but granted only once a day to limit to farming/grinding in the Treasure Hunt mode. Any other occurrence should just grant random resources.

I think it would be too much to program this. It’s just way easier to change the rewards or increase them.

Thats why I say a vault key, 1) is give extra rewards 2) is to be easy program to do.3) its need a change same reward 20 moves or 60 moves , just like vault or no vault

I think 1 vault is too easy to get but maybe for 2 vaults you get 1 vault key, i think it would make more sense

Do you get 2 Vaults on a regular basis? I don’t think so. This is a stupid idea. It would probably happen very, very rarely. You can’t really plan for any of this.

Do you get vault key every gnome you kill??? I don’t think so.

You forgot people got over 10k maps
If they give a vault key every time you get 1 vault people will get 7-8k vault keys. Vault keys are suppose to be hard to win

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I specifically said that you would be limited to a daily limit of one. Any other rewards would simply no longer bear any Vault keys. Please, read next time before you comment.

I specifically said the vault were too easy to get for a guarantee vault key. Please next time try to understand before giving a stupid reply

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I’mma armchair mod here and suggest you two take your lovers’ spat to a motel room somewhere and keep it out of somebody’s first post. It was wrong to call someone’s idea stupid, it’s even more wrong to turn it into a fit of namecalling.

I think there’s some valid discussion there as to whether 1 vault or 2 vaults is the right number. Some people frequently get multiple vaults. But also keep in mind the rewards for a vault key are, on average, sort of middling.

I mean let’s be realistic. OK. Some people have 10k maps. What if they can convert each of those into 1 vault and thus 1 vault key? How long is that going to take? I can’t imagine you can form a vault in much less than 3 minutes. 30,000 minutes is 500 hours. They’re going to have to play nothing but Treasure Hunt for more than 20 days to get all those vault keys. It’s more realistic to expect most people can only afford about 8 hours/day on GoW, so that’s 62.5 days of ignoring GW and other events. Yeah, that’s not happening. So back of the envelope, let’s say it takes our map hoarder 100 days to get all the vault keys.

Now they have about 8k vault keys, pessimistically. Spending one takes a little less than a minute, it’s not a tough battle. If we call it 45 seconds, that’s still 375 minutes or 6.25 hours worth of playing Vaults.

So let’s try and estimate what that many Vault Keys might give you for putting in 101 days worth of almost nothing but playing Treasure Maps. Here’s my unscientific guess:

A lot of gold, a lot of gems, a lot of souls, a boatload of glory that can no longer be converted to event keys, a ton of traitstones, and probably 5-10 of every Vault troop, and probably about 300-500 diamonds. Let’s also keep in mind that hoarding 10k maps took them at least a year, more likely multiple years.

I’m not uncomfortable with that haul representing years of hoarding and something like 3 months of focused gameplay? There’s a lot of lost champion XP there, and I’m almost positive they’d get more gems from the treasure maps themselves than they’ll get from the vault keys.

Don’t act like it’s trivial to play 10,000 treasure maps. I think that’d make beating the PvP leaderboard look like a small amount of work.

There’s nothing stupid about my reply. Your reaction to it, is.

You forgot you can also get major and minor orb. The vault is the main reason why i got zuul for free. 80% of my blue orb are from the vault

OK… so a person who spends 1.25 years grinding at a puzzle game can also maybe, with luck, obtain one of the game’s most expensive item.

This is bad because? In theory, a deep-pocketed person could make 8 leaderboard runs in 8 weeks or, if they start at the right time, 6 weeks to do the same.

So exactly why am I upset that there could be multiple ways to make a monumental effort and obtain Zuul’goth? I can’t bring myself to believe the argument “playing 10,000 games of treasure map is easy”. Heck, I ran out of fire playing just 100 games of Delve this weekend.

You can’t just say “they could get orbs” and call that an argument. You have to point out how many you think they’ll get, how long it will take to get them, and why you think that rate’s unfair. I have a hard time believing the numbers work out a way that makes this unfair.


Well in theory the vault event is suppose to be the event where you get the most vault key. Add vault key to the treasure map will make the vault event pretty useless

There has been talk of a rework for some time, if I’m not mistaken, but you do have a point in that it is a game mode that is not currently monetized.

Yeah, because there’s the achievement for creating two vaults, this would certainly make more sense.

Back in August of last year, I posted a suggestion.

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I know people hoarding treasure maps , I have thousand maps . There is no motivation to play unless its event points .