A paucity of gnomes

This Vault weekend has been the worst I can remember with so few gnomes it is hardly worth playing.
Please do something to bring the enjoyment back. Like rewards for grinding away. No one wants to play a game with little or no reward.

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I was thinking that yesterday, then got three Verse Gnomes in the space of about five battles!

Unfortunately I’m now out of Verse 4, so no more G-a-P unless I want to do lots more grinding.

Oh, and I’ve had one Cursed Gnome (during a G-a-P, so only two Runes :frowning: )

Here’s a Cursed Gnome for ya…

… from Epic Vault Key :frowning:
(and 16 cedrics… had 12 evk in total. Didn’t get any other troop)

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