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Doomed Forge Scrolls

@Saltypatra @Kafka

Seriously what is going on here. It’s not hard to put them as rewards in the adventure board, or the campaign pass…or even just random drops from pvp or pve.

Once color every 3 months is not good enough. For the love of all that is good and decent, can you please just tell us what is happening here. I thought there was supposed to be plans on giving them out without the event. When? A year after you screw us over? Two years?


How many updates were since campaigns release? (5.1)

2? (5.2 ; 5.3)
Guess, wait until 5.5 :wink:

The strangest thing is that now we can even make in Soulforge treasures from delves, but not what we really need - forge scrolls :sweat_smile:

This is my number 1 issue with this game right now, especially now that doomed books are so common in GW. I can’t wait 55 weeks to fully upgrade them all.


For free? Lol such high hopes
Just plan ahead, try to save gems and buy as many as you like next time ToD comes up, or at least that’s what I do.

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Yeah, would be nice if DEVS had this on the “to do list”, but realistically, if you want more Forge Scrolls, you need to buy and spend Gems. What’s a few hundred gems per Scroll?

Idea: Maybe DEVS can create a FORGE scroll OFFER in shop? Like $100 for 10 scrolls? Too cheap? :cry:


Bumping the tread and congratulating the devs for involving several generations in completing one GoW account. By the time my grandchildren are 50 years old and I am long gone, there is a good chance for having all the Forge Scrolls needed for upgrades. You people are brilliant in thinking big by encouraging passing down the same GoW account from generation to generation!


As someone has said it earlier:
Multiplayer games aren’t the ones ment to be “finished” or “completed”. It’s all time “running after the rabbit”. If you’re looking for such games try single player ones. (also not F2P, but a retail ones).

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If they put the scroll in forge or adventure board, I want a big compesation of gems. I dont need scroll i have all weapons maxed because i bought a good pack 7 numbers in every tower of doom. I can understand if they put the scroll in daily offert, 3 scroll for 500 gems. I dont understand why other players want receive as free what i bought for many gems

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A daily offer seems like a good way to place more scrolls on the market without having to wait a year for the right ToD event to show up. Just make it less rare than War Coins, though, otherwise most people won’t even notice it has been added to the game :grimacing:

Wait, there are war coins in the game?



Taken from TaransWorld, not sure how correct:

I dont understand why other players want receive as free what i bought for many gems

I doubt many people are asking for free scrolls…

Surely newer players should be able to get their hands on doom scrolls within a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable resource cost. And they should probably get them at a ‘somewhat’ faster and cheaper rate than veteran players way-back-when - for the simple reason that the game has grown considerably in size and number of doom weapons since then.

Anything else is just “Damn young’uns, I want them to have it as bad or worse than me.”

I don’t see why Doomed Books should utterly dominate Guild Wars defenses for all of 2021 or even longer before the correct colour event comes around again for everyone else to have a chance at catching up and terrorise the rest of the playerbase.


Im sorry but you didnt read the topic probably, look the first comment he asks to take in adventure board (so free), campaign pass (not write elite pass) and pvp reward (so a free). The next time please read the topic and after you post a my comment. Thanks! After of this the book are work perfectly without upgrade too, if you ask always all to the devs you will obtaine nothing. Do you want help new players? Fine give a scroll for color when they reach the level 10 on a kingdom. I said this because after a year i always see old player crying for scrolls and they spends all gems for upgrades all cosmetic pet in the game and other irrilevant things.


Currencies get devalued in this game all the time.

A devaluation in the future does not reduce the value you are enjoying in the present.

And the devs explicitly stated they were working on additional ways to acquire more forge scrolls to the game.

So don’t feel like somehow they’re betraying you when they make good on that promise and give “for free” (which isn’t what would happen, nor what people are asking for, but okay, Straw-man) what you spent tons of gems on.

If you didn’t trust the devs’ word, or just decided the wait wasn’t worth it, then that’s on you for spending gems on something irrelevant (at that point, though not prior to that point) due to your own impertinent impatience.


I repeat read the first comment, he asks the scrolls from adventure board, pvp and campaign. For me this means as free, what do i wrong?

Uh, the “for me” part, maybe?

Because the Adventure Board is still a time-gate — not free for those who miss it, not free for those with stats low enough to be thwarted by it, etc…

Campaign passes cost money. Period. If scrolls were available for free play, then no doubt paid play would yield more, à la Books of Deeds.

PvP (and plenty of other means of acquisition) I don’t agree with nor sign onto — it is irrelevant to the point I’m making that something nice given to the playerbase in the future is not something mean done to you personally just because you were suckered into buying the full-sticker-priced product rather than its on-sale version a year down the line.

EDIT: And I realize my tone isn’t very friendly here, but accusing others of failing to read the thread is really rude, so :man_shrugging:


I only answered the first comment. If they put on adnveture board we lose an option for take other important things like deeds. Campaign he didnt write from elite pass. For the pvp you think like me. Yeah they should do something for help the player to take the scrolls but not as free. They can put a weekend’s event ofr the tower of doom for example, i complety agree 3 months are long time. Or they can introduce in soul forge for example you can craft with the writs.

Hey, Schu!

I wrote: “I doubt many people are asking for free scrolls”. You must’ve missed that bit. I’ll happily take free stuff, I’m just not expecting it. I’m also prepared to spend resources. And I think that’s how it is for most people. Shifty might see it differently.

Fine give a scroll for color when they reach the level 10 on a kingdom.

I like the basic idea.

I red your comment after my comment. If I didnt understad im apologize

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Wow did you study on Harvard? If you talk with the devs with the same word probably they donate you some orb of power too