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Doomed Forge Scrolls

@Saltypatra @Kafka

Seriously what is going on here. It’s not hard to put them as rewards in the adventure board, or the campaign pass…or even just random drops from pvp or pve.

Once color every 3 months is not good enough. For the love of all that is good and decent, can you please just tell us what is happening here. I thought there was supposed to be plans on giving them out without the event. When? A year after you screw us over? Two years?


How many updates were since campaigns release? (5.1)

2? (5.2 ; 5.3)
Guess, wait until 5.5 :wink:

The strangest thing is that now we can even make in Soulforge treasures from delves, but not what we really need - forge scrolls :sweat_smile:

This is my number 1 issue with this game right now, especially now that doomed books are so common in GW. I can’t wait 55 weeks to fully upgrade them all.


For free? Lol such high hopes
Just plan ahead, try to save gems and buy as many as you like next time ToD comes up, or at least that’s what I do.

Yeah, would be nice if DEVS had this on the “to do list”, but realistically, if you want more Forge Scrolls, you need to buy and spend Gems. What’s a few hundred gems per Scroll?

Idea: Maybe DEVS can create a FORGE scroll OFFER in shop? Like $100 for 10 scrolls? Too cheap? :cry:

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