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With Doom Tower 11 weeks apart, we need to forge the forge scrolls

How ironic you can’t forge the FORGE scrolls in soul Forge?

And it’s unfair for newer players to upgrade their doomed weapons.


Completely agree. It’s 66 weeks in between any one colour ToD event? That’s way too long considering the doomed weapons are some of the best in the game.


Makes too much sense.

Should be able to take mythics Ingots and craft them but that would make too much sense

Devs have already said there will be the occasional weekend ToD and that they are working on alternate days to acquire forge scrolls. They just haven’t given any details of what & when.

The devs have also said they are working on fixing detrimental weapon upgrades, for over two years now. As well as a pile of other things that just keeps getting delayed forever. Without constant reminders that players really need access to those Forge scrolls, in a fair way, I’d at best expect them to get added to the Elite+ Pass.


Aren’t all events going to be weekend events from now on? Except for world events and gw?

…and Tower of Doom, too, actually, at least for one more weapon cycle. Might be retired after that :man_shrugging:

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