Tower of Doom

It would be nice if they scheduled the red Tower of Doom. Doom of Flame is it? Its been over two years.

There are 2 colours remaining in the current ToD cycle.

Looks like it will be brown then red, according to spoiler site info.

This hasn’t been officially confirmed though, so may be “subject to change.”


Last more or less official mention of it.
You can basically find the date of the next red tod by just counting through the weeks after this campaign ends will be the filler week with tod brown, then 10 weeks campaign followed by the filler week tod red.

Maybe the red tower of doom will never be planned to happen after the next campaign but we’ll get an extra one after the next next campaign.


roughly 10th of April Red Doom

Ive been waiting for red ToD for ages now. Hasnt been one since I started playing this game. I have max renown, level 1800+, all troops owned but a COMMON. At least the orbs let me upgrade my crossbow but yeah to go from red first I believe on the previous weapon type to last in the current weapons rotation putting it over 2 years between is kind of crazy.

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