[Not a bug] Wrong Tower of Doom

Hi there! Let’s look at this:


I haven’t played this game for a while, then came back about a 1.5 year ago… What do I have now (it is better to say - “what I don’t have”):

doom 2

During these 1.5 years we had blue Tower of Doom twice. And now we will have the second violet ToD… But not a single red or brown. And don’t even think to tell me that you have some kind of a schedule and you cannot change anything! This is the BUG! And the worst thing - this is your attitude to players. Fix this (the bug as well as the attitude) or make ToD events more often.


i have the EXACT same problem. its a piss take


Not only does you power level get blocked by a Doom troop that’s impossible to get the other open is a damn RNG dragon if you can over get the materials without constant buying

Lets not inflate everything into a bug.

This is just due to sequence/order of a color-cycle. If a former cycle between the six colors for tower of doom f.e. was: blue, red, yellow, brown, purple, green then the next cycle doesn’t automatically get or have to be the same order. The only time when the cycle was somehow faulty was nearly four years ago in the fifth tower of doom when brown came along for the second time. And it went back on track the next cycle as there was no brown then. Back then, long ago, tower of doom was around every four weeks as event. Now it is only every eleven weeks between campaigns. The problem isn’t the rarity of tower of doom events. If they’d occur more frequently with new released tower of doom weapons each time, then everybody would rightfully so cry about the cost of forge scrolls to update all the doomed weapons.

historic data:

blue - brown - red - purple - ?brown - yellow - green

purple - blue - green - yellow - red

brown - purple - yellow - blue - green - red

yellow - brown - blue - red - purple - green

red - brown - yellow - green - blue - purple

green - yellow - blue -
next: purple -
guess what’ll be next, either: brown or red -
afterwards the last remaining color



I am disturbed by the fact that one of them (red or brown) - I will see once per 2 years. There is no way for me to feel relaxed. This isn’t normal. Even if it’s not a bug, it has to be fixed.

I understand your frustration about it, but that’s how it has been since years now. Even since before “you” started playing. You just have to learn and deal with it because “you” are most likely not the one to define it as “normal” or “not”, when the “normal” is defined since years now.

What magic “fix” would you even expect that wouldn’t affect anyone else in a negative way? Any changes “now” and another “NeverPlayer007” would emerge stating that now he/she/it is so much in a disadvantage.

I gave you a timeline you can expect with a nearly 100% certainty [as of this moment].
After this campaign ends: purple.
Then next campaign for 10 weeks.
Then brown or red tod.
Then next campaign 10 weeks.
Then brown or red tod, whichever color remains.

If it won’t happen like this, invite me into your guild and I’ll send you a guild gift as compensation. :smiley:

All dooms should be cycled so that distribution is equal. Why would this not be the case?

Strange, I play on Switch and actually have all six Dooms (at least one copy each) for ~1 year (as we only seem to get Tower of Doom events between each campaign). But I haven’t been paying close enough attention to these to be of more use, sorry.

…and this is currently the case. every colour historically had at least 5 tod events overall and did during the current cycle or will during the current cycle receive their tod event no.6.
there at no point was officially stated or done or given the rule of a “fixed” color-cycle. please correct me if they ever announced anything otherwise. you also don’t have a ruleset on the kingdom cycle anymore or the underworld cycle that goes with it. just other examples.
there also never was a big gap of released doomed weapons just judging by colour and numbers. the current cycle started with green, gotta start somewhere, and continued with yellow and blue and will next feature purple. and again, after that either brown/red and then approximately the remaining colour. nothing to indicate otherwise.
then a new cycle will begin and in theory they could make it happen that the final colour of the current cycle is the first colour of the next cycle as well. sure, it would suck for some newer players, maybe, but when was that ever the issue for the devs to do or not do something. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

all above goes for pc/android
can’t say anything about consoles.

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As always, everyone tries to explain smth, but not devs. Let me clear my thoughts one more time - I don’t need any compensations or smth like that. I know about these stupid cycles and so on… That’s why I raised this problem - all these “historically” and “has been since years” have to be changed so we can enjoy the game without being frustrated. You can give as many facts as you want, I do respect your opinion and agree on many of them, but if the system can be better and more pleasant - so why not?

Sorry for my poor English, it’s not my native language.

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Your point is clear and your English is coherent and understood. By us at least.

It never used to matter. They were monthly. Now it’s 1 every 11 weeks?

But yeah, no big deal, just deal with it and be thankful.

That’s the issue with the devs.

  • They ignore 70% of all good ideas playerbase came up with.

  • 25% get acknowledged (“Impossible to implement”, “We’ll have a look on it” and “Reach it out to the developer team” are the most frequent replies you will see here) and get thrown in the bin immediately or lost over time (aka get ignored and thrown in the bin immediately)

  • 5% find their way to the developer and then you have a 30% chance it gets real (if it doesn’t hurt their economy and definetely does not benefits the playerbase in any way)

Good luck with your approach
We’ll see us on the other side :sunglasses: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A tower specific color could be the first of the first cycle and then the last of the second cycle. Here it is a very long time waiting :man_mage:

Yeah, that is a reduction of at least 2:1. Maybe they could add it to the weekend rotation pool (perhaps even replace Arena of Valor) ?

Hey all,

@icy is correct, after the current Campaign ends the next Tower of Doom event is Purple and then following the next Campaign it is currently scheduled to be Brown!

But there isn’t a bug here, Tower of Doom events now only run between Campaigns.
At this stage we do not have any changes to include these Doom troops outside of ToD events or change how often they run but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be special events in the future where this could differ.

This schedule is the same across PC/mob/XBOX/PS.


You could run ToD as weekend events again like you promised.

Ditch Arena Event because that’s a terrible event with terrible rewards.

Not that I think that will happen but just saying… You actually could.


Greetings, Jeto.

That’s very sad. I would say - extremely sad. As you say, the current interval between Red ToD is two years… This is not normal in every way. I have no idea why devs refuse to accept this fact.

I am sorry, but that DOES mean that we will see no changes. We don’t need special events. We need normal events with adequate schedule.

Anyway, thanks for the answer.


So this part from the Dev Q&A has been canned?

I guess plans can change. I just wish we had a community manager team who would tell us about it instead of eventually letting us find out on our own.


Good strategies:
Either abandon all hope on certain topics directly if there’s complete radio silence.
Or ask again in every topic/thread just barely closely related to eventually annoy someone so much that an answer is given or a random ban is handed out. :wink: