Notes from Dev Q&A

Hey all! Took notes during the Dev Q&A. Hope this helps anyone who wasn’t able to make it. If I missed something or misunderstood, let me know and I’ll edit this.

Also linking to @Lyrian’s notes: Dev Q & A (28th of April) 7 PM PDT - #43 by Lyrian

Heroic gems

  • Campaigns can have a heroic gem that last for that campaign only.
  • Lcyanthropy gem: campaign will have about 1/20 (rate not set in stone) purple gems be lcyanthropy gems. It’ll still give mana but also trigger Lycanthropy. This heroic gem will last for the campaign only.
  • Mana potion gem: Triggers more mana. Coming Campaign 6.
  • PQ1-style Wildcard gems coming in some future campaign after that.


  • No plan on changing the effected troop’s health like with transform.
  • Looking into ravens not giving sigils if affected by Lycanthropy but not resolvable currently. This is a quality of life enhancement and not a bug.


  • Scoring issue caused by Mongo DB.
  • No compensation for those affected by GW scoring bug.
  • Plan on tackling the GW bracket issue (slow climb, dead guilds).


  • More gnomes coming.
  • New gnome music.
  • Gnome pet coming.
  • Originally the Vault was supposed to be a kingdom. The game data even includes a banner.
  • Working towards improving the pet gnome situation. For example, maybe a pet gnome will let you pick one of three pets (THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, STILL DESIGNING).
  • There is a tech limitation preventing one hour pet rescues running alongside 24 hour pet rescue.
  • No plan on changing epic vault key drop rate.


  • Apex on doom weapons already removed. Estimated release during next Tower of Doom week. Weapons will get a status effect or something else instead.
  • Open to changing other weapons. Put suggestions on the forums.


  • More kingdoms coming.
  • Want to revisit some early kingdoms like Sword’s Edge. Over time due to power creep, these kingdoms need a boost.
  • New classes will be coming with the kingdoms.
  • Nim strongly alluded to the plan going forward being adding new kingdoms and factions and extending the existing maps in-game.


  • Still brainstorming ideas for what to do when the Underworld is full. New board for factions? Empowered faction mode to get more rewards? (THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, STILL DESIGNING)

Tower of Doom

  • Introducing weekend Tower of Doom.
  • Week long Tower of Doom will remain between campaigns.

World Event

  • Talks of collaborative guild world events maybe.
  • It’s an issue having world event scoring in game. It’s too much text. Translating to other languages is an issue.


  • Devs expected warcoins to be available in an adventure board by now, but RNG going to RNG. Thinking of a special adventure board.
  • No plan for veteran players to get additional war coins.


  • Consolidating text differences such as in traits.
  • Treasure Hunt is the most hacked game mode.
  • Admit arena rewards are low.
  • No plan on reducing epic task cost.
  • If a refund is ever needed, you need to go to google or apple for example. They can’t refund, but they can compensate with gems for example.
  • 5.4 update was small to handle tech debt.
  • Talk about reworking PvP.
  • More warbands coming.

Hi Snooj,

Comparing notes, off the top of my head…

Heroic Gems - Mana Potion gems are the Campaign 6 Heroic Gem. PQ1-style Wildcard gems coming in some future campaign after that.

Ravens and Lycanthropy - Pretty sure they said that the issue is not resolvable currently. I remember Sirrian saying not to hit ravens with anything that triggers Lycanthropy.

Kingdoms - New classes will be coming with the kingdoms. Nim strongly alluded to the plan going forward being adding new kingdoms and factions and extending the existing maps in-game.


Thanks @Lyrian! Added your notes. :heart:


So then how is this a debuff, exactly?

Did the devs seem at all willing to acknowledge how many players don’t consider lycanthropy to be a good game mechanic as-is irrespective of the fact it is currently buggy?

Or is the “bullet point takeaway” just

  • Players don’t like lycanthropy because it is crashing the game

Because that…is not the sum total of even the constructive feedback.


Haha, I was thinking of suggesting this. I play another game that uses a catch-up mechanic, where you get a choice of three to pick from.

I thought it was pretty good design (gives the player agency), but I thought it might be too advanced for GoW’s code to handle. Hope they can but not holding my breath.


It at least shows they’re aware of the issue and thinking about it, which is better than I expected!


Some of this Q&A is really positive (new pet process, fixing weapons, new kingdoms and revamped underworld etc) and shows they’re starting to listen and I would be really excited about future updates if it wasn’t for the fact that other parts of the Q&A make me question whether they even give a damn at all;

The heroic gems sound like a cluster truck and more of an inconvenience than a fun addition, especially the lycanthropy gems

Lycanthropy STILL sounds like absolute garbage and the fact that they consider valravens losing the sigil a ‘quality of life’ improvement instead of a bug is absolutely disgusting.


I’m not sure that this is true. From what I understood from the stream, it’s considered a bug, but they are having trouble with a workaround. Sirrian mentioned possibly having Lycanthropy’s proc count as a kill, but that would mess other things up.

I don’t fully understand what the difference from transform is, but I do think they consider it a bug.

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Ah, I could only go off the post from above because I missed the stream.

That’s much better at least, but I still think that lycanthropy is the worst status effect we’ve ever had by a long, long, long way.

I would agree, and I certainly hope some changes are made.

They also mentioned there would be new warbands added that would cycle with the current ones.

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I am curious how newly released kingdom troops will drop. Are we going to have to open 60K gold keys in order to mythic a new common, or are we going to see a new method of obtaining those troops?

In the past that was the job of event keys.

In the stream they clarified that they consider this a quality of life enhancement and NOT a bug. :frowning:

Thanks. Added it to the post!

I don’t know the expected average number of event keys required to get a common troop to mythic, but I have no doubt it would be well into the thousands, and quite frankly less viable than via gold keys.

Ouch. 10 chars.

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There are different points:

  1. Event Keys have been powered up after die last kingdom release (i think), in the past you didnt get multiple copies with one key.
  2. How many Units will a new Kingdom in 2022 (?) have? → Thats important to know if maxed units are even needed at release. In the past it wasnt so, because you dont need myth rarity until a kingdom has 20 Units (to reach 10 Stars = second status point bonus). I dont think we will get 20 at the start (even together with a new +4 faction), so there is no need to hurry getting normal units to myth.
  3. If myth is nevertheless important for you, you can take the orb shortcut (after pulling some units with event keys).
  4. Otherwise the missing copies will naturally come with the normal drop early enough.

Alot of of long time players will feel different about that. New troop? Take it to mythic instant.

Might be different on a new kingdom, but I’dd still be using a ton of gold keys to at least get the low rarity ones upgraded.
If they give new troops by delves, well that should be easy, those shards feel kinda useless these days.

I can see this making more people quit. Although according to the devs the player base hasn’t shrunk at all despite the fact that the forums are rammed with recruitment drives due to how many people have left…

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