Notes from Dev Q&A

Rough segments of the video this was discussed?

In the misc questions at the end, check around 1 hour and 1 minute.

“Wouldn’t call it a bug, more of an unusual interaction” :joy:

I forget who it was on here. But a fellow forum member pointed out how ridiculous the spectrum of what is and what isn’t a bug is considered now a days.

If the lead Developer… creator of the game… advises you not to do something that the game currently can do in fear of the reaction that will be caused due to the mechanics. That’s not a QoL issue… that’s a bug. :person_shrugging:

Is something broken in the code? No.

Is something broken in his designers or programmers that designed the interaction to work this way because their knowledge of the game is so inept that they didn’t know better and the code isn’t actually broken? Yes. That’s the bug. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The question starts about at the time @mitamata states. The warning to not hit the valraven with Essense of Evil is at around 1:02:30 from Sirrian.

Nim stated that she thought the issue could be fixed for 5.5, but the fix caused unexpected complications which led to the retraction of the fix internally and sent the devs back to the drawing board on how to address the problem. So, it sounds like the issue is not going to able to be fixed before at least 5.6 at a minimum, which led to the official warning from Sirrian to not hit the valraven with Lycanthropy.

As I’m typing this, I just thought… what are the odds that a skyfalling Lycanthropy gem in Campaign 5 randomly causes a valraven to transform and results in lost sigils for random players? Especially once the dynamic difficulty skyfall mechanism starts causing random purple matches to skyfall in the board which might also contain purple Lycanthropy gems during the campaign at 1/20 rates?

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Don’t lycantrophy gems just inflict lycantrophy? They don’t actually trigger the transform. And Valravens are immune to lycantrophy unless stunned…