Weapon restrictions in Tower of Doom ruins it

So far you seem to be the only person that doesnt mind being forced to use a subpar weapon and thats ok.

Objectively its a bad decision, especially when you take into account that there are other doomed weapons one has to use that has a chance to kill the last enemy, which means when it counts (2×Score) the weapon cant even work to its full potential (against Dooms).


You believing that you’re sharing a great team tells me everything I need to know.
Your team is not inherently terrible. But it proves my point. The weapon does absolutely nothing and just acts as a meat shield for the rest of the team. You are basically forced to use it rather than choose to use it. Therefore it’s terrible design.


Can you make a team with the weapon that works? Yes.

But would you actively choose to use the weapon if you could use any other without a penalty?

I sure wouldn’t.


But your screenshot shows, that it has nothing to do with team builds, cause your stats showing that you had several tier 7 bought and used 2 MD.

I didn’t buy 7+ tiers.

Have you ever thought about beginners or mid-level players?

I have a second hero lvl 1190, that hero reached the 25th floor yesterday. The assembly is the same, but instead of the second MD there I use TINA-9000. Play a little longer and harder, but possible. As for beginners, ToD (high floors) was never designed for low-level players. Any game has an increasing degree of difficulty, and this game is no exception.


I’m not fond of this forced exercise either. But I’ve made the best of it.

The weapon does absolutely nothing and just acts as a meat shield for the rest of the team.

Not certainly in that way. The weapon is not only a shield, but most importantly, it repeatedly gives all troops an increase in magic (!), so it was a tactical decision to take troops with theft of life into the assembly in order to more quickly destroy enemy troops.


okay, then i’m sorry for assuming that you bought several t7, thought so by seeing your troops in range of over 500 armor, didn’t know that you casted the weapon that often.
but overall i stand for my opinion about these new restrictions and have to add that a lot of newer players were able to reach floor 25 before these changes.
oh, and that increse of magic won’t fit for newer players as they won’t have the scrolls on start, they have to reach higher floors to make that weapon somehow playable or buying a lot of tiers in the beginning, which seems to be the real intention from the devs


Which again, severely limits the troops that make it viable to use, which is really the whole point of this entire thread.

Your argument only proves that point.


No doubt the game designers rely on the players not paying attention to all changes and that is really really sad. Why not appreciate the players, help the players. This game is only surviving because of Players that pay their knowledge forward to newer players. Personally I would have given up early on, if there were not players like Tacet, Taren(sworld), Gary and many others that helps the community.
There should be much more information available ingame and it should be easy to see and access.
I guess most players have auto update, which is why so many can miss an update.

I am glad that I am a higher level player, because I have been playing with a 3 troop team(Irongut, Czernobog, Vash’Dagon) for this ToD, the weapon is in last position, not using it at all. The weapon is just not good enough, for ANYTHING other than the double score.
But as lower level or if I had all classes maxed, I would put hero first with a barrier class, just as AWRyan suggested.

In comparison to Slughoarder in last week’s Invasion - not only did it more damage to Towers - that isnt new, but now it also doubled the score and had double magic - Doomed Band only doubles your score and gives 10 attack for the hero only when the enemy team has a Doom…
Slughoarder wasn’t manablocking other troops, because you had many other choices.

So you need to rethink this concept with Tower of Doom double score.
Either make The Doomed weapon with great stats - Doomed Band is just terrible in its current state, I can’t see myself ever use it in the future.
Or stop the double score and reverse the event to what is was.
You already made several gem sinks, but Tower of Doom is now both a gem sink AND is now much harder: dont say it is an option to use any weapon like before, just don’t.


Before the weapon ‘bonus’, I was using the same 6 teams every time for Doom towers, generally using the same weapon on all teams. It became boring grinding. I appreciate a slight challenge in these events, but can see that there are plenty of players who prefer old ways with less challenge.


I don’t even have one of that troop, let alone two.

I tried using a skull team, which was torture with battles taking a horrendous amount of time even if it was a pretty safe win - so ended up just using the new rubbisher Zuul, which is far from ideal (especially when getting one’s own troops cursed), but it’s got the job done up to floor 35

I don’t mind the idea of restrictions either. I appreciated the forced challenge, because it did encourage me to get creative with teams. We’re probably in the minority overall with that mindset though.

I think forcing us to use this 1 Doomed weapon is too restrictive. I’d feel differently if it was a decent weapon, but I don’t see much value in it, especially if it’s not upgraded. I’m basically using a variation of my old brown ToD team without a hero weapon. I just leave it in the back as dead weight.

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What I don’t understand is… Why don’t your force yourself to use sub-optimal teams - or at least different teams - if it easy or boring to you?

Why do we need forced restrictions for everyone, including those players who don’t have (almost) all the troops so they can build working teams?

Everyone can handicap themselves if they so choose.

We should however not make certain modes nearly unplayable for some players.

I’m not arguing for myself. Not even for my guild. But I haven’t forgotten how dependent newer players are on certain weapons.


As someone in a mid-tier guild, we like letting newer players in, and the 5-10 level 1000+ players we have help them out with these events. We would be able to reach tier 10 the vast majority of the time previously, and those 3 celestial traitstones were massively beneficial to everyone. These past 2 events we have struggled to reach tier 10, because half our guild does not buy the new troop/weapon and therefore their score almost doesnt even matter.

Not only are we struggling to hit tier 10 now, but the 3 celestial traitstones were moved to tier 13, which we would need to almost triple our guild participation to even dream of reaching. There are now no reachable rewards that are even remotely worth the time/gem sink, ESPECIALLY for newer players, so I’m struggling to see how playing these events is even worth it anymore.

Also, why are the last tiers lower than the middle ones? it makes no sense unless it is meant as a way to punish guilds that dont have full participation. The goal was to make guilds able to reach the same progress as before the update right? Well my guild is having to work harder AND are still not making the same progress AND get worse rewards when we do. I wanted to wait for a full cycle of these events, but it really feels like a slap to the face for me. If the tiers increased roughly linearly the whole way through, like progression normally is, it wouldn’t feel quite so bad. For guilds that didn’t full clear the events previously, this update just makes us feel even worse.

Lastly, as an end-game player, the shiny keys are the only thing worth going after for me. This means if I want to get any half-decent amount of them, I would have to leave my current guild and join a top-10 one, since 1 shiny key per week is basically nothing. This update is basically teling me to forget my guildmates, who I’ve gotten to know over the past year+, and to screw the newer players that we enjoyed helping, because there is nothing in it for me, AND we won’t even be getting anything helpful for them either. I HIGHLY suggest putting some more beneficial rewards in some of the earlier tiers, maybe putting some celestial traitstones in a more reachable tier, and even just one or two more shiny keys somewhere in the tier 8-11 range.


Yeah, I’m in the same situation: GM of a casual guild with a handful of high-level players + a lot of new and low-level players, and we are rarely going to get to even the first shiny key in event rewards.

I like helping out new players; and I think it’s useful to the long-term health of the game. But yeah, there’s definitely a cost to doing so; the tier changes here do feel very much like “and see those levels there? THOSE ARE NOT FOR YOU.”


Regarding the requirements for rewards level, stage 12 has roughly the same requirements as before; it’s randomly 10% higher for some reason but close. That must be why there’s a drop requirements for each of the reward 13 - 16. They had a planned total requirement for unlocking all rewards, but wanted to keep the requirement for stage 12 similar. That results in lower requirements for 13 - 16.

Of course, this isn’t addressing the change in weapon restrictions and new depends on the event troop/weapon.

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Also doesn’t address moving the good rewards to deeper tiers, so current tier 10 is not as good as old tier 10, same with 11 and 12.


Our guiild will be lucky if we clear reward level 12 by Sunday. In the past we cleared it by Friday. So something is definitely off. I’m pretty sure that it is the weapon requiment. Most of our guild buys at least tier 4 and that is not enough forge scrolls to make the weapon useable. So if you don’t have enough good brown mythics, and /or you can’t use a stong hero weapon to help you, you just cannot play at a high enough level to get the higher reward levels. So it seems to me that this is only benefitng the highest level guilds, which I’m sure is not the intent. We are having a hard time motivating people to play this event - they are getting very discouraged. @Kafka, please share this feedback.


So Effin, in summary, the new TOD is an effin problem?

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Restricting weapons make it annoying. It is not a challenge. If you want a challenge join a B1 Guild war guild. That’s the only challenge in the game IMO. This makes it more time consuming when other modes are already taking up precious time. New player it’s worse than annoying. I know some level 800 and 900 that are skipping the mode because it was already difficult for them and now it is basically impossible if you like sanity.