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We heard you like Gnomez?


So… after a brief period of Gnome-a-palooza yesterday - which we hastily corrected, due to a queue forming outside the Vault door, with adventurers wanting to savagely mistreat poor Cedric Sparkelsack and take his stuff - we listened to how much you all seemed to enjoy lots of little Gnomish surprises in your battles. And, well… .we did too! So…

TL;DR - We’re putting more Gnomes back in.

In a little more detail, we’re changing Gnomes back to about 1 per 30 battles (close to what it was yesterday).
We’ve had to change the loot drop rates for gnomes to compensate though… there will still be all the larger prizes you got yesterday, but we’ve introduced some smaller rewards as well. So overall - the economy stays healthy - we get to punch more Gnomez in the face - and we still get a shot at the good rewards. That should be a win all round.

Happy Gnome-Hunting to all!

More Gnomez should be entering the server, ready to be slaughtered, within the next hour.


Awesome news! :blue_heart:


Awesome sirrian i love you and ty for listening us!!!

When it will take effect?


I am just wondering if the chance of getting a Vault Key will be the same as before? I was unlucky yesterday with getting one.


Fantastic news. Thanks for listening to everyone.

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So what Vault Event will offer?

and i get to start farming soon. yay

It was pretty low yesterday, and we had to adjust it downwards a bit with the new spawn rate.
HOWEVER, during Vault Events - currently planned once per month - both the Vault Key drop rate AND the Gnome spawn rate will receive a significant boost.


Thank you!!

@Sirrian when the drop rate will be fix? Is it already done?


The body is clear to me…


It’s in the OP…


Glad to hear! I love the excitement of seeing the little guys, not knowing what good thing they’ll have for me!

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AWESOME i love you :slight_smile:

Great news Sirrian, i’m sure it’ll be very enjoyable to everyone.

Now, i just need to push my own agenda and make people like gnolls until they all get buffed… :wink:

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but really all i liked was seeing them pop up suddenly. refreshing and exciting and different from the normal old gameplay.

thanks devs!


Great resolution!

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See, this is why I have such a love-hate relationship with this game. You guys do things that irritate me, like this “new” UI and then do things like give us the Gnomes back. That’s why it’s hard to complete love or hate you devs.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is thank you. And, yes, I have an odd way of showing it. Lol.

But, seriously, thank you for listening to us whiners and actually giving us back the Gnomes! Whoo!

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Great compromise, thanks!

Much appreciated, thank you.