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After Gnome rebuff and reward reduce amounts

image. Most of two days grinding and after 31 yesterday and another 29 today, finally got a key. Could have obtained this via two hours of kingdom tributes. Oh sooo… disappointing after all that effort😩

Consider yourself lucky. Some people still can’t even find a single vault key.

actually im pretty sure it’s a bug, rewards been nerfed for the gnome so they appear more often but not sure it was intended to nerf the vault rewards also , @Saltypatra @Ozball can we please get a confirmation it’s not broken? or if it’s intended?

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Except for the Vault Key that gives us a chance to get the new cards none of the rewards are exclusive in the slightest on BOTH ways the gnomes spawned (Low spawn rate with better rewards or Higher spawn rate with smaller rewards.). The devs simply had to introduce more low rewards to add balance into the pool considering how frequently we find the gnomes now except maybe for the Vault Key that is now really rare which works out to draw more attention for the Vault Event on which we should have the same Spawn Rate but with better rewards.

It’s a win-win situation to everyone involved, not only for those players that can grind for hours. Even a casual player have a chance to kill a gnome and maybe drop something good.

So far i had plenty of luck with event keys, but not so much with the Vault Keys.

im not sure about this one cause before nerf the gnome didin’t drop 5 gems, it was 20 gems and since they drop 5 gems also in the vault, i think they might have a small mistake somewhere

During the Vault Event Ricky…

…not the battle inside the vault.

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If anyone get a Vault Key, better keep it until the week of the Vault Event. That’s why having more gnomes is better, you have more chances to get a Vault Key and the sum of all rewards of all gnomes you found could be close to what you could gain within the previous Low Spawn Rate+Better Rewards.

Just consider the gnomes giving lesser rewards (such as minor stones and souls) as if they were battles without gnomes in the intended Spawn Rate and Rewards.

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The chance of getting a vault key now is the same as when gnomes were rare. The problem is that now the gnomes in the vault have crappy rewards. So we were better off when gnomes were rare.

I understand them nerfing the gnome rewards to compensate for the increased appearance but if the vault key rewards were also nerfed (which they have been) then they should have increased the droprate of vault keys also.

Vault key rewards won’t improve with the event either so no point saving vault keys. The event will just drop more vault keys that’s all.


Sirrian made just a brief explanation about the changes and i expect a better one at the time we get a proper Vault Event. As they had to introduce more things into the rewards the devs made some oversights like minor traitstones from the gnome’s rewards being grouped together with the minor traitstone in the explore run if they are the same, this seems to be causing misunderstanding (but it may be as well a bug) as people are reporting not getting rewards.

I also expect that during the Vault Event ALL the rewards of ALL gnomes would be better, but they are probably still figuring out the numbers maybe.

But you know what? It’s more productive to actually ask some questions about our antagonistic views and expectations!

Let’s ping our pal @Ozball and hope he can clarify some things for us:

  • Ozball, during the Vault Event some of the low rewards will be removed all together and the gnomes will have the previous (better) rewards the team intended for such event in the first place?

  • If not, what can you say about the team’s plan as things changed with our demand to change the spawn rate?

  • If you can’t say much right now, as in things are still being considered, will we at least have a full table of possible rewards for the event before it starts?

I think those questions gives everyone a better understanding of what we can expect reassuring the players on both sides of this matter. It also gives us a chance to present more feedback to avoid misleading perceptions and discontent like we had at the first moment the gnomes appeared and had their spawn rate fixed into the intended values.


The only thing that will change during the event (even according to your Dev quote above) is we’ll get more gnomes and vault keys. The gnomes inside the vault and outside will still have the “meh” rewards they do now.


Im afftaid you a right bro, the reward been nerfed im sure but i don’t Know if it was intended or just a mistake

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Yes, but there isn’t much more explained. That’s why i decided to ask Ozball these questions.

If the only thing to be changed is the drop of the Vault Keys and the gnomes remain with low rewards then it must be revised to keep the whole feature interesting and rewarding during it’s event week.

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So this is a continuation of the previous post as I had it split. Between the 24th and 25th I had 23 Gnomes over both days and 1,569 explore matches for an average of 1 gnome every 68 matches

24 and 25 - FEB
# of Matches Gnome Reward
108 4 gems
51 2.5k gold
81 2 minor fire TS
69 2.5k gold
83 20k gold
46 4 gem keys
14 5 diamonds
76 2 minor fire TS
28 2 minor Magic TS
69 500 souls

Updated again

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So it’s looking like 1:100 gnomes drops a vault key. 30+ battles per gnome we’re looking at 3000 battles per vault key. Worse than that the gnomes in the vault drop the same nerfed loot. Lmao it’s a joke it really is.


I farmed approximately 5m in gold at about 900-1000 gold per match in Explore before I found 1 vault key from god knows how many gnomes appeared (wasn’t keeping count). Make of that what you will.

I’ve found exactly one Gnome since they launched. It gave me 100 Souls. I don’t have every single troop leveled yet so sure I’ll use the Souls, but it definitely felt lackluster.

Hopefully Gnomes are still being monitored for possible reward tweaks. I don’t feel that they should give less than a single explore battle in terms of rewards. Maybe make it so the Gold and Souls rewards are buffed by the player’s multipliers (from armor/VIP level/guild statues)? I know there are a couple larger Gold rewards so those could be excluded from the multiplier, as much as it would be amazingly epic to see a 50k reward buffed to 125k :wink:

I also think the “2x minor traitstone” option should be removed as a drop. This is the only item on the drop table that strikes me as completely useless. While 100 Souls is lackluster, Souls are used for crafting and unless you’re a member of the 1% with everything maxed out you can still at least use them.

150 gnomes-0 vault keys :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Man WTF I haven’t found a single gnome in treasure hunt

ummmm they arent in treasure hunt might be why…

not sure if sarcasm


Multiple days - not so many gnomes as usual but I’ve been doing Raid a lot which has zero and Ranked PVP for double trait stones which also seems to have much less gnomes in my experience than I find in explore. (The last 10 were all from explore today in the last few hours).

Average was 1 gnome every 27 matches over the last few days.

Feb 26 to Mar 1
# of Matches Gnome Reward
1 2.5k gold
7 20k gold
30 2.5k gold
41 500 souls
12 2.5k gold
45 100 souls
52 6k gold
37 5 Gems
44 2.5k gold
6 2 minor wind TS
8 100 souls
45 4k Gold
47 500 souls
33 4k Gold
58 100 souls
24 100 souls
6 1 gem key
1 100 souls
10 2.5k gold
7 5 gems
40 6k gold
61 5 gems
23 2 minor water TS
2 2 minor water TS