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We heard you like Gnomez?

This is great news! Thank you so much!:hearts:

I still hope that we get some lore for Cedric and his gnome people… and what he thinks about suddenly being plundered.:joy: Poor guys didn’t really get a lore introduction despite obviously being so very loved by the community… well, more like their belongings are loved, but still.:sweat_smile:


I can only assume the new rate is live cause…

I received 2 minor nature stones, fyi, which I’m fairly certain is a new minor reward.


Edit: @Ozball just so you know, the animation pictured above is interfering with traits at start of battle, so my lovely empowered Bombs were drained and mana blocked. :cry:


Great news overall.

Not too significant, I hope. People that aren’t able to focus all their time onto this playing Gems of War during this very specific point shouldn’t be overly hamstrung. I’m hoping for around double (overall) rewards during the event. Too much less and it doesn’t incentivize enough. Too much more and it starts feeling punitive for not playing, rather than rewarding for playing. I’d hate for another “too generous” moment to sneak in as well that requires a nerf and cost you guys more good will if it happens that a dedicated player grinding for a long weekend can eclipse total relevant resource earnings of their combined guild tasks for the entire month. Or worse, another entire economy downturn because of it…

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You only deserve a minor reward for having no Forest Guardian in your explore team and playing suboptimal. :wink:


Yeah we’re aware of that issue. It only occurs when you have Luther popping up to explain gnomes to you. It shouldn’t occur after that.


this explains the lack of gnomes, no FG lol

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Ogryn: "Gnome! Kill quick! Get loot!"
Firebomb: -ready-
Luther: “STOP! I HAVE THINGS TO SAY!” -turns off bombs- "DEFEAT IT QUICKLY!"
Gnome: “Okay I go then. Bye guys!” -leaves-
Ogryn: “I eat human now…”


I’ve had 2 in 3 battles so far got 5 diamonds and 2500 gold

Credit to the devs for changing it again due to the demand of the players, I for one have yet had time to go gnome hunting so hopefully will get a chance now :+1:

1/2 hour of Explore and 70+ battles.

When Vault Events come by, will the Gnomes still be dropping the smaller rewards?

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More little rewards and more gnome is perfect… just enough to make us want to keep going without the frustration of earlier :slight_smile:


The balance is perfect now, eventho I just had a 50 matches without getting one in explore, I can’t complain.

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I would make a joke about his scepter and jewels but people wouldn’t get it, because you all would look at it like:



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This sounds like a great compromise. Thanks for listening to the feedback!

Now maybe I’ll finally find one of the little buggers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks so much @Sirrian and company!

Thanks for listening.


Is anyone finding these in increased frequency on the PS4 yet? I think either they have some coding in the game that decreases your chances of finding a gnome based on your level, how long you play or some of type of metric where if you are an end game player that plays a lot you will find these gnomes way less than others :thinking:
that or I have the worst luck in history. Even yesterday when it was supposed to be 1 in 30 it was more like 1 in 150 in my case than the nerf changed that to 1 in 3 to 5 hundred and it stills appears to be about that despite the announcement.

Maybe it’ll take some time to actually reach your zone. I tried a while ago and didn’t had luck too, but things usually come by only later for me.

That might be it are we supposed to see a message in general chat, in our mailbox or get an update I have no idea how we are supposed to know if the new “patch” is out for us :thinking: