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Pet Gnome appearance rate?

Our guild has found 34/36 pets. I missed out on one of those. Top 15 guild though.

On the same note: is anyone else on mobile having some slow down on pvp? And both of our guilds have had a lull in pets. If anyone else on mobile has seen a pet gnome in the last hour, let me know so I can confirm it’s just a string of poor luck.

I am on mobile and haven’t seen one in the last 4h but I didn’t do much PVP during those an dmy guild is not the most active… So it doesn’t really mean anything loll

Well, after doing about 350 PvP battles, I finally saw my first Pet Gnome. Now, over the course of that time, I’ve encounter a couple dozen treasure gnomes. So, at least for me, the pets are far more rare. Which kind of sucks, because if you’re not in a guild that churns out trophies like a bloody factory, it’s going to take you quite some time to get (and Mythic) all the original pets. Not to mention the new ones they’ll be adding.

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What about the loading times right now? They seem alright to you? We have a few members experiencing slowdown

My mobile loaded right in…maybe a few seconds slower but nothing out of the ordinary. Pvp loaded just as quick as normal. I did have issues about an hour ago with pc…and the game says theres server issues right now so that could be it.

Comic, in my haste to invite I did not notice this is a PC/ mobile chat. Have a gem good day.

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If I had to guess I would say appearance is 1 in 300. No hard data to back that up just an educated guess.

1 in 50,000.

Prove me wrong.

I know we are very cool and we rock but We could get a pet every 1h so it’s less then that :stuck_out_tongue:

I just triggered a pet event minutes ago.

The game took way too long to load after each fight and when clicking in refresh it took longer than usual to get the new opponents choice

Gnome appearance rate is supposedly 1 in 100 battles, and PetGnomes are half that, so 1 in 200.

This week I’ve done c. 250 pvp so far. I’ve had five Gnomes and two PetGnomes.

Treasure gnome is 1:30 according to the data collection thread.

But since 3.4 I get as many treasure gnome than pet gnomes it is really weird.

I use to get 2-3 times more treasurere gnome before 3.4

If it is back to being 1 in 100 battles then they need to unnerf the rewards from them or just change it back to 1 in 30

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There’s always a risk my sources are out of date :slight_smile:

My own experience is clearly much closer to 1:30

My own experience tells me that spawn rate was closer to 1:30 till a few days after pets were introduced. I was still seeing them relatively often. However after last Friday i only find 2 after 1000+ pvp battles. something was definitely ninja nurfed :skull:

1 in 50,000.

I agree before the introduction of pets (3.4) it was 1:30 now it is at least 1:100 or even 1:200…

Something is not right…

1 in 100 seems about right for me. It could just be terrible luck it took me 500+ battles to get 2 pet gnomes but the other day I got 2 in 3 arena runs.

As usual, I’m finding more pet gnomes on a Wednesday, 4 in 40 battles so far :roll_eyes: it can only mean 1 thing, none will show up tomorrow after reset :-1: