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Pet Gnome appearance rate?

I’m sure I’ve missed it somewhere but how rare are the pet gnomes in appearing? More rare than treasure gnomes? I ask because I haven’t seen one yet. And I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t play enough (only 3 to 4 hours a day doing PVP) or because they really are that rare. I’m not in a super active guild…only about 15 of us play and of those only 2 have had a Pet gnome appear at all. I’ve even begun to assume they don’t exist and it’s all a conspiracy to mess with me. So should I not worry and hope that I can get a few in the next couple of years or am I just having the worst luck of all time?

More rare than treasure gnome yes.

I get one every 100-200 fights maybe

Hard to say how they work we were all playing alot in my guild and it seem like it was always the same 2-3 who were finding 5-6 frequently and the rest only 1 every day

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Okay…that makes more sense if it’s after a few hundred battles. It’s frustrating seeing people bragging about having 20 or more pets already when I haven’t seen any pet gnomes but knowing it takes that much effort to get them at least gives me a good idea as to what is going on. I’ll just put pets in the same category as Mythics. Unobtainable without a lot more work. Thank y’all for the help.

Having an active guild where everyone does a couple PVP matches per day helps a lot.

But personally I trigger 1-2 pet event per day on average in 2-3h of PVP fights

I may have to change guilds though it would mean leaving my son behind. I had been in a more active guild a few months ago but dropped down to join him and help the guild he was in out. May have to go back up to where I was before…be nice to be in a guild where my lvl 809 isn’t the highest. Just not sure the pets are worth it. Now if it helped get Mythics I’d be all for it but I don’t expect those. Might need to do some thinking on this.

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Active guild will help you for sure you will get more seals and complete more Legendary task and get more keys to help you chase mythic

Yesterday I had 7 Treasure Gnomes… and no Pet Gnomes… can we remove Treasure Gnomes from PVP/Arena, please?


I get that many or more every day. Just in PVP. Treasure gnomes are fairly common for me. Unless they run the gnome weekend event…then I never see them. I have the worst luck with some of this stuff.

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Most pets aren’t worth it stats wise but we’ll…

This sounds about right to me.

Those players with 20 or more pets at this stage are in the top 10-20 most active guilds with multiple guild members doing thousands of PvP/Arena matches a week.

It sounds like you’ve had some bad luck, but not impossibly bad luck.

I have 18 different pets and when are 400ish rank guild

On gnome event I get 150/200 gnomes and now since 3.4 hired I got 10 total loll…

But I play PVP now and not explore like during gnome events so I win my games 4 times slower at least

18 is not “20 or more”, and rank is not the best measure of current activity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have 17 and my guild is top 50 in rank (and probably activity), so yes, slightly less active guilds will have pets in numbers close to 20.

Half of the guild is active. We have 10 player who haven’t destroy any towers in invasion so far.

We get 20-25k seal per week

Our guild has found 34/36 pets. I missed out on one of those. Top 15 guild though.

On the same note: is anyone else on mobile having some slow down on pvp? And both of our guilds have had a lull in pets. If anyone else on mobile has seen a pet gnome in the last hour, let me know so I can confirm it’s just a string of poor luck.

I am on mobile and haven’t seen one in the last 4h but I didn’t do much PVP during those an dmy guild is not the most active… So it doesn’t really mean anything loll

Well, after doing about 350 PvP battles, I finally saw my first Pet Gnome. Now, over the course of that time, I’ve encounter a couple dozen treasure gnomes. So, at least for me, the pets are far more rare. Which kind of sucks, because if you’re not in a guild that churns out trophies like a bloody factory, it’s going to take you quite some time to get (and Mythic) all the original pets. Not to mention the new ones they’ll be adding.

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What about the loading times right now? They seem alright to you? We have a few members experiencing slowdown

My mobile loaded right in…maybe a few seconds slower but nothing out of the ordinary. Pvp loaded just as quick as normal. I did have issues about an hour ago with pc…and the game says theres server issues right now so that could be it.