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After Gnome rebuff and reward reduce amounts

5 diamonds x3
2500 gold x2
3 event keys
5 gems

I’ve had 5 diamonds 3 times today

after the previous fix by Sirrian?

Yep within the last hour

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oh, good to know!

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I start to believe they removed it from the pool and will be exclusive to vault event

Still early to make conclusion tough

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No, Sirrian already confirmed it is there, but they reduced its drop rate. Thankfully we should get it for sure when the Vault Event starts, if not before.

It seems he got it after the boost/nerf.

EDIT: false alert, so still no Vault keys dropped…

I got my key yesterday, I used it today. I left feeling really disappointed. Would have used it yesterday except the Achievements weren’t live on my console.


Loot from 3 Gnomes:

100 Souls: 2
6,000 Gold: 1

It took 30 minutes at around 3 wins per minute, which is exactly at the 1 in 30 they mentioned as the approximate drop rate.

500 souls
4 gem keys

Have updated OP with all of the comments amounts so far.

So since the Gnome revised frequency changed I’ve been tracking how many Explore matches it takes me to find a Gnome and what reward its given me these are my findings so far since the update:
(13 Gnomes with an average of 41 matches to find a gnome so far)

No. of matches - Gnome Reward
42 - 10k gold
17 - 6k gold
2 - 1 gem key
71 - 5 gems
24 - 2.5k gold
66 - 100 Souls
42 - 1 Vault Key
45 - 5 gems
54 - 2.5k gold
19 - 2.5k gold
13 - 2.5k gold
63 - 2.5k gold
71 - 2 diamonds



Today: no Gnome at all
50000 Gold
30000 Gold
1000 Souls
5 Diamonds
5 gem keys *2
3 event keys
1 vault key *2
some minor stones

Was this since the revision of the gnomes, or before that happened??

Spent the last 3 hours hunting gnomes at around 3 wins per minute to only find 3. :frowning:

2,500 Gold: 2
4,000 Gold: 1

I found a gnome and he dropped 2 minor green trait stones! That puts my total to 4783. If it were only a minor red stone…

They nerfed it again as simple as that. So now the rewards are terrible and it’s nerfed. Stupid! Just get rid of them if this is how bad this has got to be. Game is getting boring anyway. Don’t really care for GW anymore either. Most people are barely hanging on and they keep messing with it everytime they have a person or two that actually starts liking game again.


сегодня 3 часа ,20 гномов - 0 хранилище ключей,

148 battles
1 Gnome.
2 minor traitstones.

“Treasure Gnome” is a bit of a stretch.


Is it still 1 out of 30 drop rate? Yesterday I also was around 150 without any.
(after they buffed its drop rate.)