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How to Improve Gnome Event

Omg i hope i will catch it again so i can post the SS

The 60k drop from a treasure gnome in explore?

Yes and 40k and 20k

oO I think I have an idea why you got these.

Wasn’t it before the buff in gnomes appearance rate aka the nerf in gnomes loot??

I have to go with @Maxthor2789 . They surely mixed up the display of reward that’s all.


Did you ever see a orb or troop rewards in another place then 1st bag? Did you ever see vault key in first bag?

Or I am freakin unlucky and didn’t get a single 60k gold drop from a gnomes in explore in more than 1000 gnomes. But to be honest out of vault event I didn’t got a single vault keys so maybe…

I need to farm vault key now to check that.

I know that I don’t see orbs on the right of the reward screen.

Pretty sure I saw 15 event keys on the right though (Cedric loots)

Anyway i will ask again about bag order tonight durin stream to Make sure

But im 100% sure 60k , 40k and 20k can drop from normal gnome in explore, i catched couple shots

Here it is for the keys

Yup also saw 15 key on the right but same time i got a valraven so unless cedrik dropped 2 rewards i figured it was treasure gnome drop

For those 40k and 60k I think you could be right. Been a while but I kinda think it happened to me sometime…hmmm

oO then it is quite weird

Like i said im curious i will ask tonight during stream. Maybe it was a bug and cedrik dropped 2 rewards we never know

There is a bug where Cedrik drop nothing

Can we get both treasure gnomes and Cedric drop table, not the %, just the list of drop, so we stop arguing over stuff we can’t really know XD.

@Cyrup @Nimhain

Trying to find salty answer but i think it was during a stream so might be hard to find

I have never ever seen 60k gold drop from a normal gnome, but 50k. This ofc count towards all the things people have posted in these boards and what guild members have shared.

No worrie i will post if it happen again, it’s a little late for this event but i will do it in next

I just checked some screenshot from months ago in my phone an dthey are several instances where the furthest left drop is not a Cedric one.

It seems to always be that order

Card first then it’s orb

Then gold is always before keys

Gems is always before keys too

Diamond is always before gems

Souls is always last

I can’t determine if gems is before gold with the screenshot I have