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How to Improve Gnome Event

Perhaps have some gnomes?

Over 45 minutes (about 100 explores) grand total of 0 gnomes.

Did someone forget to flip the switch?

In 55 battles I’ve had 6 gnomes and 1 pet gnome. Have you restarted your game since reset?

yep - twice

That’s weird hope your luck improves soon.

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That’s incredibly lucky though

still not got one - must be 150+ battles

Ouch I am sorry for you.

I just got one in my first battle just after I lost my message loll… Sorry

It’s my 200 battle in the last 24h though(I just claimed my seals that’s why I know)

I decided to pay attention to my last 50 explore battles and I got 6 treasure gnomes (also, 8 Arcanes and 1 Celestial), I only play on Explore for gnome events, so no pet gnomes.

It seems to be working well on my side, but I certainly hope you start seeing a bunch soon!! You’re sure there is no way you could just be playing so fast that you might be missing seeing them?

Change kingdom.

Bro you need to do 10k battles stop wasting time in forum lol


No kidding, he could have done about 3 battles in the time it took him to type that.


I change my kingdom after every gnome, it has become a superstitious habit…but hey it works so I am just going to keep doing it :laughing:

8 arcanes and 6 gnomes in only 50 battles whattttt!!!

Hmmm got 4 gnomes in 5 battle!

Got 0 vault keys in 30 gnomes killed:s

Edit: Finally my first vault keys after killing 40 gnomes.

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Please consider changing 1x gnome card drop from Cedric to 5x.

Some hours ago I have met 5 vault gnomes in a row while playing casual pvp. Weird and lucky. :rofl:

0 Gnomes… 0 Battles played today. Please tix.

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I posted this in another thread and will repeat it because I think it’s neat:

What if you could trade in more Vault Keys to play a Bounty-like game where you pick a Boss level and face off against Cedrick Sparkle’goth. Every 50 boss levels cranks up the prize pool.

Somewhere around boss level 200 your odds of winning a Raid Boss encounter dwindle quickly. But I think I’d hoard up Vault keys and take even a 10% chance of winning prizes like “a legendary, 3 arcanes, or a major orb”.

Sounds like a mechanic that screws over people with bad vault key drop luck even more than they already are.
Then again i get so few vault key it would not matter either way so whatever shrug.

I have been getting a gnome every 5-7 battles but he hasn’t dropped anything good. Highest cash was $6000 and highest gems 100. I’m not complaining though. I just want a vault key because the system glitched and I lost my reward from the only key I had.