Update 4.0 Known Issues


So starting this gw we can’t see our scores in the rewards screen? Bug?


I sugggested that around 6 weeks ago already. @Cyrup said they’ll pass it along.


Entirely different issue.
New bug is preventing scores at the end of matches from showing during guild wars. Just started today.


@Cyrup Will the old visual issue bug of guild statue tribute chance bonus # and tribute amount bonus being showed in the kingdom menu ever be fixed?


(As mentioned on another thread, sorry that was not updated here) this is now resolved.
@UKresistance I’m not sure what issue you are referring to


Red Guardian (the thing guild donate gold to) gives +6% tribute chance, but when you look at kingdoms and tribute % displayed there, it does not show the additional +6%.

So a level 9 kingdom should show 36% tribute chance instead of 30%.

Yellow guardian gives +10% tribute amount bonus and I don’t think that is displayed in the kingdom menu either.

**these are both visual bugs and devs in past said we get correct loot.

Oh, and this bug has existed since guild guardians were first introduced.


Closing this thread due to new changes.