4.6.5 Update Patch Notes

We have a smaller update with several Quality of Life changes to the game!

  • The last copy of a Troop can no longer be disenchanted.

  • (No more accidentally disenchanting everything).

  • Players will now receive a warning if they are about to disenchant or ascend a troop with multiple copies in a team.

  • We have removed the Green Event Stone icons from “Kill” Adventure Tasks, due to the confusion they were causing (they were denoting a color of troop to be killed, which was different from their previous purpose).

  • Any mail received will now show previews any attachments on the Inbox menu.

  • After completing a Challenge Tier, the list of battles will now scroll back to the start.

  • Challenges will now remember Players’ progress through a Tier and, upon entry to the Challenge Menu, will scroll the list to show the next battle.

  • The Kingdom popup will now display the current “Explore Progress” on the Explore button.

  • When navigating from the “Kingdom Power” Menu to a Collection (e.g. Pets or Troops), it will now display all content from that Kingdom (including unowned).

  • On the “Kingdom Power” Menu, selecting a “Hero Class” Task will take the Player to that Class’ Menu or the Class’ Quest.

  • The Hero’s Rarity will no longer overwrite Weapon Rarity, so players are able to see what kind of Ingots they need to upgrade that Weapon.

  • Players will now be able to see if they already own the Weapon when viewing a Weapon Offer.

  • We have added the Skill Points given by Elite Levels to the Troop Info Tab
    (it shows where all Skill points on a Troop come from) .

  • We have updated the PVP Tutorial.

  • We have updated the Guild Tutorial.

  • We have added a new tutorial for Explore Mode.

  • The Halloween game icon and logo have been removed until Halloween next year.

  • We have made some optimizations to the game to improve performance.

  • We have fixed an issue where Casual PVP Difficulty was affecting the Difficulty in Explore.

  • When using a game controller, we have modified its behavior (involving selecting Medals), upon re-entering the World Map Menu.

  • We have fixed an issue where the first Explore Battle could contain the Mythic Boss battle team from a previous run after losing a Mythic Boss battle.

  • We have fixed an issue where players were unable to retreat from battle during an opponent’s turn.

  • Several other minor Bug Fixes.


things and stuff. useful stuff, hope it doesn’t break anything in the process though.’’

Elite Level in the order filter new? pretty neat to see how many I’ve done.

Some good QoL changes there. Hopefully next on your “To Do” list is removing some of the clicks necessary for an explore run.


Can we get the patch notes reposted in a readable format, please?

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is really funny now. :thinking::rofl:

No balance changes? Life & Death still blesses itself? :roll_eyes:

I’ve re-formatted the post to make it easier to read. Unfortunately, this needs to be done manually. In future I recommend clicking the original link and viewing the patch notes on our website instead of the forum plugin, as recent changes to Wordpress have affected the layout.

In future we are considering just posting a link to the patch notes, and not having them in the body of a forum thread.


Thank you for this and the Elite filter in the Troop menu. :smile_cat:


Wow. I like this .5 update better than pretty much all the other .5 updates. It feels like a ton of improvements, some of which have been on the table for a long time.

Probably for the better.

Somehow in my computer/browser configuration the post is formatted perfectly, but if I click “show full post” it goes crazy. It’s kind of like getting Rick Rolled!

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I am disappointed by the lack of ‘when is the next update?’ posts before this update.

Update is out on iOS, amazingly! :grinning:

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Yes, then please just post the link if it’s too much trouble to properly format the post. It just looks sloppy and amateur when you don’t properly format the patch notes.

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It’s not on Android yet.

It takes up to 24 hours to release on all platforms, and propagate.

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Google points are new.
So just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with the update and will still be available after the update?

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Suck it, Goblins!!

Aahh and this is so much better:


This has always bugged me, even if only a little bit - thank you (@dev team) for getting around to it!!!


Oh hey, Luther is back… again… :unamused:

This may require a seperate topic, but could we get some useful info in game or direct links to wiki-like articles in the game?
I’m thinking for example about reflect having no in game description (and details about what exactly does and does not trigger it or how it handles overkill/devour) (yet steal life does get a popup!?), or there being no help at all in any official source what the percentages regarding treasure mean in delves.