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6.1.5 Update

6.1.5 UPDATE

This update will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox and Switch. PlayStation will receive this update at a future date.

  • We have removed the holiday-themed logo, art and icon until the next Holiday Season.

  • We have made some improvements to the game performance when returning the the World Map, to address the reports of lag that some players were seeing.

Don’t have time to test extensively at the moment but preliminary testing looks much faster than yesterday.


Please also remove the stupid witch popup whenever a wish gem is destroyed!!!


@OminousGMan any info about guild wars scoring bug?


This is a bit out there, but not really but can Wish Gems only affect the Hero and/or their allies, but not the enemy team? That way we don’t have to live in constant fear when we’re doing Raid Events, Delves and Assault Factions?


Well, the loading gems aren’t there anymore. That’s a huge fix. Thanks devs. Yet to explore other things.

GWs score bug that was going to be fixed is suspiciously missing from this post.


:pray: thanks for this fix. Now I hope other ones are coming up soon.

6.1.5 is not avalaible in playstation
version number 6.1.0r31953

sorry my fault,now see PlayStation and Switch will receive this update at a future date.

Bug was not fixed: [BUG] Haunted Guardian Spell - Wrong Wording (under Android) - #30 by Nullings . While this week world event could use Haunted Guardian.

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Even ar treasure vault! It fills the enemy with mana and they all escape :rage:

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@OminousGMan Out of curiosity I want to ask you howcome not even a single troop rework/buff is possible in a small patch like this?

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It doesn’t matter in vault. You still get rewards.


Hey hey!

Just updated the post and letting you all know here that Nintendo Switch did receive Update 6.1.5 yesterday when it was released.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


6.1.5 released in playstation

No pats on the back. Too many bugs still present . Tripe gaming too often.

This was so annoying. Good fix!

Step up Devs. Keylime is back.